No Radio? lets Get On The Air !

This hobby is about getting on the air! Some of us don’t have the equipment or situation allowing us to buy or build that “Dream Shack”. Don’t let lack of funds, space or antenna challenges keep you from enjoying Amateur Radio.

Using a computer and internet connection you already have (you are reading this!) you can not only listen to most amateur bands, we will show you ways to actually transmit using radios and antenna systems supplied by other gracious Hams and Clubs with a community attitude willing to allow less fortunate Amateurs access to their Gear/Shacks.

Lets begin with listening to the HF and most other bands. In your web browser type, or simply click on the websdr link and spend a few minutes reading about this amazing system. Then start tuning around different frequencies. You don’t have to tune to just the amateur services but try some of the “Shortwave Listener” favorites. This site will give your hours of radio listening worldwide.

Listened long enough? Want to get your feet wet and jump in to an HF conversation, Net etc.? You spent the time studying, learning, memorizing all the Bands, Rules, Theory, Operator practices etc.? You took the test (s)and got that General and maybe the Extra license?

Well this is an amazing site, and yes you will have to do some work to prove you have the privileges to operate on these bands but it is worth the work. Type into your browser

Some of these shared radios are “club only” but may allow you to join, some with dues some without. Others require only that you ask them via the online chat or by email to tune or transmit on their system. You will need to file a copy of your amateur license on the site allowing the “control ops” to verify your privileges. This is also a worldwide system allowing you to transmit or a least listen through distant stations by not even leaving your home. I personally found that best practice operating with this method requires an external microphone. Considering the expense that these very generous hams have gone to making their equipment available, that microphone is a very small price. Even a gamer headset plugged into your computer will improve your transmit quality.

There are other options but these are good examples to try, if you have other suggestions for us to add, use the “Contact” page to submit your suggestions.


Where we are now… and where we are headed!

First and foremost, we do have a sitting “Board”, the basics required by ARRL to be recognized as a “Club” and to satisfy their requirements for Affiliation.

A field day location has been reserved.

We have begun the arduous task of forming our Mission statement, Constitution and by-laws.

We do have a tentative location for general membership meetings.

We do continue to do a monthly field operation “in the park” as we did with our other club, but we will use the “GOTAhams” club call WG6OTA.

We plan to share our general meetings on a streaming service as soon as we put the equipment and infrastructure together.

We do have a multi platform Chat room through “Workplace” allowing text, audio call/conference, video call/conference, screen and file sharing that will facilitate virtual meetings for our board to handle urgent business without having to schedule a physical meeting.

A lot of work has been done with a lot accomplished in a very short time.

At our last count I believe we are at least 10 members strong and growing.

There will be many changes as we grow, being accepting of those changes is key to our growth. keeping our focus on the hobby and helping each other in this journey will make us all better amateur radio enthusiasts and mentors.

The saying goes “lots of hands make for light work”, we are a shining example of that already.

I am very proud of all the work that has been done and would like to humbly thank all of you that have worked toward our goal.

Club President, Ken Mixon KC6WOK

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