April adventures re-cap?

Its been a while since my last blog, but some updates and upcoming events are in order.

Our members have been quite busy, Bruce and Jack upgrading to General privileges at the end of March and Vic upgrading just 2 weeks later! I am so proud of these friends! Now… it is Your turn to help others get their Amateur license or upgrade to your level. Doing that kind of mentoring is what the hobby is about and the pride you will feel is certainly worth the time you will invest.

Kathi and I had planned on doing the “Homingin” transmitter hunt on April 20, unfortunately working long hours led to some foot issues so we opted for the Claremont swap meet and came across a couple of GOTAhams hanging out with Richard Pryor. We also did some shopping and picked up a couple used Alliance U100 antenna rotators. Used (discontinued) rotors might seem like a fools game but I happen to know of a Ham that rebuilds and supplies parts for those and many other popular antenna rotators, Norms Rotor Service. Hopefully I can build myself a poor mans satellite tracker system out of this $20 purchase.

In our “Shack” we do a little kit building and play with homebrew antennas. I soldered together a really cool Morse tutor kit by K1EL.com for Kathi. She did the calibrating on it and now has a nice little tutor touch keyer for her CW practice.

I started building a T-hunt antenna with offset attenuator from www.kc9on.com and a few pieces of PVC pipe adorned with tape measure pieces cut out of a FREE Harborfreight 25′ tape measure. Our long plan for this antenna is to aquire a few “Fox” transmitters, have a fun little antenna build day in the park and get all the GOTAhams hunting those little foxes down! I would like to get a few kids at field day playing with these antennas. Fox hunting is a Receive only event requiring no amateur license to participate! Lets get the YLs out there hunting also!

Homingin.com is holding another event on May 4th if anyone wants to learn from some experienced Transmitter Hunters.

Kathi is tirelessly reading every word of the field day rules (as I’m sure Mark is) making sure all rules are followed and our field day submissions are correct. It was brought to our attention that another local Ham club began their field day planning assuming the wrong date!? Rest assured our date IS correct including Kathi calling the ARRL to be reassured we have that date correct.

GOTAhams is planning our picnic in the park at San Dimas Canyon park on May 18th, same day as the Claremont Swap Meet. We are looking forward to seeing you at the swap and at the park!