GOTAhams Field Day planning

Kathi and I would like to Thank the entire membership of GOTAhams for your participation and invaluable input at last nights Field Day 2019 planning meeting. I have been to many Field day site/operations, but served on only one other planning committee, I’ve done LOTS of research on what other clubs do to plan and what works for other Clubs field days. The amount of interaction, comradery, focus and just plain hard work that we accomplished in a very short 2 hour meeting was inspiring and has Kathi and I energized about our inaugural Field Day. We are looking forward to THIS field Day more than any other we/I have ever attended or been involved in, GOTAhams is certainly going to make this 2019 Field Day their own and set the bar high for our Field Days in the future! Again as always I want to Remind our membership/Family/Friends that will join us to HAVE FUN and enjoy this Event. ’73 Ken KC6WOK

ARRL Affiliation brings Great benefits for GOTAhams

Myself and Kathi received our letter of affiliation from ARRL, it recommends several things I had not been aware of, including coordinating a “charter Party” which would include inviting the Division Director, Section Manager, Affiliated Club Coordinator. Maybe our July meeting could facilitate that along with meeting those Orange Section managers?

They Also gave us a Link for ARRL’s Active-Club-Primer full of Helpful information for active clubs! This gives LOTS of great ideas and includes a “Club Presidents Workbook” and a “Special Service Club Manual”.

I would like all our GOTAhams to consider this “Active Club Primer” required reading, this club IS driven by its members, so please read this primer as if you were president of GOAThams. I believe the ideas from ARRL will help all our “GOTA’s” with their creative and interesting input will keep our little club moving in a positive direction.

Caution… Elmer Alert

KUDOS to Ken KC6WOK who helped me get started with my new portable antenna, for the loan of the antenna analyzer and for the encouragement to keep at it until  I figured it out. 

Afterwards I stumbled into a QSO party and was able to make 6 contacts on 40 meters from around the US. 

Bend, OR

Coquille, OR

Virginia City, NV

Coventry, Connecticut 

Salt Lake City, UT

Biggs, CA

Not bad for a first effort with a little portable antenna sitting out on the front lawn.

Thanks again Ken, for being a terrific Elmer. 

A day at “Antennas in the Park”

GOTAhams officers Mark Arlotti KM6AHY, Kathi Mixon KD6CAF and Ken Mixon KC6WOK spent the day in Fullerton with Fullerton ARC and HomingIn ARDF chasing some elusive electronic “foxes” with a newly constructed tape measure beam antenna. our hosts served lunch and were wonderful hosts and really great mentor/elmers showing us the basics of radio direction finding. Radio Orienteering as it is also known is lots of fun and should be on every Hams “Bucket List” if you get an opportunity. I definitely see some version of this being added to our GOTAhams field operations and another opportunity to get the Youngsters and non-Hams involved as this is a receive only radio-sport so no license is required. Check out more ARDF information at our ARDF page (click here)

New HF Station KM6UNQ

Jack Sklar KM6UNQ posted in “Workplace” that he has acquired a new Yaesu FT991A!

Congratulations are in order Jack, I know some folks say “Why now during Solar minimum” well I say get proficient now in bad conditions and imagine how much fun you’ll have when propagation is good or great. Yes Solar maximum is coming and it was in full swing when I was first licensed, imaging talking coast to coast on 10 meters during the day! That will get you really exited about Amateur radio!

It is VERY timely that our friend Eric KG4YZI from HamRadioConcepts earlier today posted a comparison between the Yaesu FT-991A vs the Icom IC-7300, I’ve posted the video below. I believe that in GOTAhams fashion WE will be able to do our own comparison (if Jack is willing to share) and see what we like about each rig. I’ll remind everyone that the GOTAhome does sport a dual band antenna for the VHF/UHF side of that Yaesu.

I think they look like twins!? Can’t lose either way…