Counting down to… Field Day!

It has been a busy weekend working on the GOTAhome adding our second solar panel, adding a larger fuse and testing a new remote for the 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter/charger etc. We have also been researching things other Radio Clubs are planning for Field Day, that has been an adventure in itself. I know what we have planned, we haven’t been secretive in the least and our plans are fully in line with ARRL’s description of the true spirit of field day, “Amateur Radio’s open house”.

ARRL begins a lengthy description and within the first two paragraphs states that “Field Day is NOT a contest”. I personally view Field Day as Ham Radio’s largest “Social Event” of the year and would like to keep that spirit at our field day site as we do at all our monthly field events.

Many of the clubs are pushing to “Stay away if you are unwilling to work” and /or ” Radio is not a spectator sport”… Really? If anyone at all feels put off by this type anti-social behavior, please feel free to “spectate” at our Field Day site.

You are welcomed to watch, listen, have a bite to eat, ask any questions and just “Hang Out” to learn what Amateur Radio, Emergency Communications, CERT, and disaster response is all about. Bring your kids, friends and family members, we are a friendly group regardless of what you have heard or experienced about other Radio Clubs or field Day sites. GOTAhams welcomes Kids with activities to do involving Communications, Electronics and STEM focused projects including hunting hidden transmitters.

GOTAhams looks forward to meeting anyone with an interest in wireless communication whether you are a licensed operator and want to sit down at a transceiver or just want to find out what we do in this hobby. Even unlicensed folks can “Get On The Air” with our GOTAhams G.O.T.A. station and communicate with folks all over the country without the help of the internet! “When All Else Fails, Ham Radio Prevails”!

Me and all my “GOTA’s” will see you there ’73 Ken KC6WOK