December General Meeting, Holiday Party, Open House!

December brings thoughts of new radio toys, Nut Crackers, Sugar plum ferries…. Wait! Wake up, sorry I drifted off there! Lets get real, our December meeting will afford us a look back at how we started, what we’ve accomplished, new friends we’ve made some really wonderful members we’ve gained and more importantly where we’re headed! I’m hoping you may want to bring your friends (hams or not). Introduce them to us, us to them and show them what you do at a boring radio club meeting!

Remember for those interested we will have a “white elephant” style gift exchange. Just go through your radio “junk box” and find something of interest worth $10 (less/More?) bring it with you and we’ll see how this craziness plays out!

I plan on showing a photo presentation of our past year, including field day, picnic in the park, our swap meet outreach and some hamfest photos etc. If ANY of you have photos you would like to include please contact Kathi ( with those photos. We will do a “face Net” and ask for any ideas for our coming new year and discuss existing plans and events for 2020.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that it is not Me, or the officers that makes GOTAhams the Fun Energetic group that it has become. It is our members and attendees, whether it be the people we meet at that park events, swap meet, our general (dinner) meetings, each of you bring your own interests and personalities. Many of our “Non-licensed” guests have brought some of the most exiting stories and experiences to our group. You all have heard me and others say “We are a Social Club that does Radio”. It is important that we promote the social side of GOTAhams.

Our November meeting was the most exiting and energetic meeting I can recall with members sharing their interests, be it Ham Radio or whatever else interests you. It Energized Kathi and myself to do all we can to support our members and officers to support this group in whatever direction it may take us. Ken, KC6WOK

Post Script (PS), We will be sharing our “DIY projects”, “Homebrews” or anything you’ve MacGyver’d to help you in this hobby. I know several of you have constructed some version of a “Go Box”, a few have constructed Fox hunt antennas I have an example of a BITX 40 SSB 40 meter transceiver I’m sure a few folks are Arduino or Raspberry pi hobbyists. Bring whatever you’ve been experimenting with to share with the group (remember “Show-n-tell” from elementary school) This should be FUN! (c;

By the way, we will meet December 10th, 7pm at our usual location, Casa Jimenez Mexican Restaurant!

HOMINGIN and GOTAhams at Bonelli Regional Park

Link to HomingIn’s website posts for past local foxhunts

Radio Orienteering mentors Joe Moell KØOV, April Moell WA6OPS and Marvin Johnston KE6HTS, Graciously hosted a ARDF practice “Foxhunt” at Bonelli Regional park San Dimas on Saturday November 23rd.

Kathi and I were early arrivals in the park finding a 5k/10k event in full swing! well they finished up before 10:00 AM leaving us a beautiful park on a beautiful fall day, not too hot, not too cold, perfect for “chasing Foxes”. I bought and built one of Marv Johnston’s antenna kits which was very easy, fairly quick and the only thing I needed was a short cable (BNC to SMA) to connect my HT. Actually any receiver that is capable of reception between 140 to 155 MHZ will suffice if it also has a signal strength meter it is a plus. if you use a transceiver, being able to “lock out” transmit is highly advisable.

GOTAhams made a wonderful showing with Kathi KD6CAF, Myself, Mark Arlotti KM6AHY, Vilma Arlotti, Bruce Vanbuskirk KM6WBI, Charles MacCanns KM6CEM, Charles Mother and Sister made a showing to bring us Texas Chili!, Tim Adams N6DLC, Grace Clark KM6LJL, James Jansen W6FRQ and son Samuel.

As GOTAhams do, we served lunch to all that attended the HOMINGIN event including our hosts (that insisted we put out our “Tip Jar”) the attendees were quite generous and nearly covered all our expenses, that was completely unexpected.

Several of us Chased the “practice foxes” but we didn’t do the timed course, (Next time?) folks that hadn’t attended one of HOMINGIN’s events learned how much fun this aspect of Amateur radio can be, along with our GOTAhams hospitality in a scenic setting? how can you miss!

Kathi Mark and I stayed to help or hosts police the area and get their gear to the vehicles, luckily staying afforded us locating a backpack left behind by one of our members. Yes Kathi and I got it back to his QTH even before realizing it was missing.

GOTAhams will keep a vigilant watch on HOMINGIN’s events and keeping our membership apprised of upcoming practices close to our area. When they return to our local park I’m sure we will Host another picnic for the event and try to get some other local Clubs to join us in the fun!