Calendar Updated!

Well things have been busy for us GOTAhams lately but we are having a great time. Sorry about the wrong dates posted in March, those are fixed now. We will be shifting our “Radio In The Park” day to the second Saturday of the month instead of the third after the Claremont Amateur Radio Swap Meet. This will allow us more time at the park to play on the radios and socialize with each other. Also It’s less work having to set up and break down equipment twice in one day.

Claremont Amateur Radio Swap Meet, Feb, 2020

We had a great time hanging out at the Claremont Swap Meet yesterday, February 15th. Thank you Scott KG6ABF for hosting this event. Please check our Events Calendar as we are adding new events often.

GOTAhams will be serving FREE coffee and donuts at our swap meet booth!