Congratulations James Setterlund, Youngest Ham Remotely Tested!

GOTAhams member family, John, Kim, James Setterlund recently contacted Richard Bateman of concerning the option of remote testing for Amateur Radio Technician for James, their 8 year old son that has been studying since we have all been “sheltering at home” during the Covid-19 emergency.

Richard Bateman was already supplying computer based testing to the W5YI VE groups for their test sessions and was working toward a fully remote option. W5YI recently had done a remote session with a prospective Ham in Pahrump Nevada with VE’s in Utah, Colorado and New York. GLAARG-VEC  has been doing remote exams since April 10-12, 2020.

James is the youngest licensed GOTAhams member and the first Youth member of our club. John Setterlund (his father) has told us James is focused on contacting the International Space Station. GOTAhams will do all we can to support all of James endeavors into the hobby.

As President of GOTAhams, I would like to extend a CONGATULATIONS from all the members of this club. Since meeting the Setterlund Family at Field Day 2019, James along with his family have continued to impress our group.

The Setterlunds have been regular visitors to our Zoom nightly Video Chat “lounge”. You can meet them there or when we do have a chance to physically meet again, you may get a chance to meet the family at our next club event. is a very useful study tool (App) for all levels of Amateur license, it does have a nominal cost and additionally supports itself through “Signal Stuff” Antennas. Richard Bateman has been working very hard (at his own expense) to design and support remote testing through any interested VE group. Consider supporting allowing Richard to continue his work in promoting testing in this unprecedented time of “Social Distancing” and other Covid-19 emergency measures.

Ken Mixon, KC6WOK

Update: James was assigned KN6IPL as his new Call in under 24 hours from testing! Thank You W5YI for an amazing job at following up on James Test and filing so quickly!

April “Virtual” General Meeting on Video Chat Platform

Many of you have Joined us during our nightly Video Chats on Zoom before our nightly nets and have become Comfortable with the system. We will depend on you to support our members that are new to to the Zoom software.

Our Meeting will begin Tuesday April 14th at 7:00 PM, we are asking you to begin early allowing us time to get things in order before the meeting.

The link to our Zoom meeting is URL:

The required password is: 284402 (this is for security/avoiding Zoom Bombing)

We will be live streaming this Zoom meeting on Facebook Live at “Adventures of GOTAhome group”

Let your friends and family know about us, They need not be a GOTAhams member or a Licensed Amateur to participate/join or view our meetings, everyone is welcomed.

The GOTAhams are looking forward to seeing all of you Tuesday evening

Remote VE testing

Brought to us by “Hamnation” on Wednesday April 8th, we were introduced to a fully remote Ham license exam recently given in Pahrump Nevada with a VE team in Pleasant Grove Utah.

Watch the video at: Hamnation #448 April 8th 2020

The link to the online VE testing site: Created by the authors of

I thought this would be of great interest to those that have had questions recently concerning this subject.

Is “Remote Testing” of Amateur Radio Allowed?

The question of “Remote Testing” is definitely on many folks minds and comes up in many discussions in our Amateur radio world. I decided to do some background research on this subject and found this document (rule amendments) from June 5th 2014 that directly addresses the issue. Find the item on page 7 titled “Remote Testing”

I am sure there will be more information coming on this subject. I understand the W5YI group is working to facilitate remote testing and should have information on their website soon.