Field Day 2020, “In the books” and a huge success for our “Goats”

It was a strange year, with Covid-19, ARRL rule changes many of the usual “Mega Club” events canceled or closed. But the GOTAhams were able to get a handful of members and guests even a couple families out to a local RV park overlooking a lake and on a very RF friendly hilltop. We got enough equipment operating to qualify as a 3Alpha (3 transceivers, Club/Portable) work from LA county LAX we worked 2 “phone” (SSB) station and an FT8 digital station. Our V.P. and secretary even operated as “Net control” for our nightly local repeater “Net” while on a Zoom video chat from our Field Day site. There was food aplenty and lots of comradery.

Field Day 2020, June 27-28 Location, maps

GOTAhams will operate Field Day 2020 from Bonelli Bluffs RV Resort Spaces B-181, B182. at the guard shack simply say B-181 or B-182 typically the attendant will just wave you through. Drive in passing the store/office on the right, at the stop sign go slightly right to the “B section” continue on to spaces 181-182 look for the bright yellow “Field Day” sign and our “WG6OTA” banner.

We will be setting antennas, stations up on Friday, June 26 after 2:00 PM. Please be sure to bring a Face mask, a hat is helpful, Sun Screen. In the evening it gets quite cool being near the lake so a jacket is a must. Hand sanitizer is a great idea. We will have a hand washing station. You may want to bring bottled water and some snacks if you are practicing physical distancing.

Bonelli Bluffs Site map