Winter Field Day is this weekend

Hi Everyone,

Winter Field Day is this weekend, January 30 – 31. Members, please check your email for attached PDF files. Attached are the Rules and a few logs from past Winter Field Days as an example for filling in your log. Due to Covid concerns the rules have been adjusted for Clubs.

Director of Membership Chris Argueta KM6S operates his mobile station

Please contact our Secretary Kathi Mixon KD6CAF with any questions. 73

Dick Norton N6AA speaks at Quartzite AZ “Quartzpause”

Our ARRL Southwest division director Dick Norton had just returned from the national ARRL Board meeting and brings news, information and some of his personal back to the membership gathered in the Arizona Desert. Several Amateurs rigged up an Amateur television transmitter and two meter radio transceiver allowing those of us with a simple television receiver to view/listen to the talk and ask questions or respond via 146.550 simplex. I was able to record the transmitted video with a small video camera so be aware that it is a “Hand-Held” recording. There were some technical difficulties a few of the ATV team some of mine, the audio is marginal, the questionable video centering (my issues) and the presentation is lengthy, nearly one hour.

Quartzpause, Day 5

7:30 pm PT, I’m getting ready to join Zoom chat tonight.

4:30 pm PT, Nice relaxing day for my wife and I. Just monitoring local traffic on my HT. Ken working on different projects on his RV. Mark KM6AHY.

2:15 pm PT, Rain stopped for now, sun shinning in and out of cloud cover.

11:30 AM PT, Ken KC6WOK has HF station running in his RV. Still raining on and off.

8:40 am PT, It’s still raining! On and off anyway. Just enough to put a damper on all our activities. No stations setup and running. We’re just bunkering down, staying dry and warm.

Quartzpause, Day 4

6:40 pm, PT, Well, that’s it for today. Ken and I are calling it a night. Escaping to our RV’s to get warm. We’ll miss you on the Zoom tonight. See you tomorrow, hopefully the weather will be better. GN all.

5:30 pm PT, Winds are picking up. Current temperature 57°. We are off the air for now.

For an update on antenna setup, see TCARA QuartzFest (QuartPause)2021

11:50 am PT, Things are starting to get wet. Here comes the rain!

11:00 am PT, George Cox WB6OEB makes contact with WG6OTA on 40M

We will be monitoring 7.225 MHz, 40M, LSB and 14.225 MHz, 20M USB at 11:00 am PT.

Day 4 is met with overcast and slight breeze. Solar panels not happy.

Quartzpause, Day 4, is met with overcast and slight breeze