on WG6OTA/R

AllStar Hub = 569430 Repeater Node = 569431

to view the active connections on WG6OTA’s AllStar system click this link: (

BTW, we are experiencing issues with return audio through either our nodes or from the repeater, please bear with us while we attempt to solve this issue.

We have installed and are testing a AllStarLink node on the WG6OTA Repeater system allowing members, guests and other AllStar capable systems including the Sunset Goats back-up/portable repeater. WG6OTA has registered/active nodes, one as a “Hub” in Charter Oak at the QTH of KC6WOK/KD6CAF AllStar addressed as 569430, Another “node” resides and is linked to the Sunset Ridge WG6OTA Repeater system AllStar addressed as 569431.

These nodes/Hubs are fully accessible for link by any registered AllStar node. If you have this capability, please feel free to connect your AllStar node to access the repeater.