GOTAhams first weekly “Net” !

Thank You Jack Sklar for leading our First weekly “Net” (Roundtable), It was well attended by several Club members and Officers. Yep there were glitches but we had a great time, handled some Club business and did some old fashioned rag chewing. On Johnstone Peak repeater WA6WFZH.

Attendees: Jack Sklar KM6UNQ, Net Control (Moderator)


James W6FRQ


Kathi KD6CAF


and Listening (sorry your radio wasn’t set to this repeater) Bruce KM6WBI

Thanks go to the Repeater owner for hosting our weekly net of this Fledgling Club.

and thanks to all that attended! ’73 Ken KC6WOK

Roundtable Ham Net Weekly, Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm

WA6FZH 446.40000 repeater, located on Johnstone Peak, San Dimas, CA

GOTAhams are a fairly new, quickly growing and trying to keep up with activities that interest our members. This is one of those major steps that our treasurer Jack KM6UNQ has been working diligently to get launched. There have been discussions about format and the consensus is to offer a roundtable format. This follows open discussion about all/anything radio related (mostly), open to all licensed Amateurs (and their “third party” guests). We will keep a “Log” of all callsigns on the net and may request our “Listeners” to identify just for the log. If anything in the conversation interests you or you have a comment, feel free to jump in at any break. We look forward to hearing from all of you, lets see how long we can keep the conversation going!

Bioenno Power Presentation! Tuesday Sept. 10th @ our GOTAhams Meeting!

Casa Jimenez Mexican Restaurant 921 W Foothill Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711 (909) 625-7632

This Tuesday is definitely a MUST SEE presentation by Bioenno Power, those ultra light batteries and power systems that every Ham wants for their “Go Kit”. We will be hosting Kevin Zanjani KI6DHQ of Bioenno Power to educate us about their batteries, chargers, solar chargers and other devices offered by Bioenno.

I would like to take this opportunity Thank our member Scott KG6ABF for actively pursuing some really great presenters that keep us entertained, educated and keep the Club Officers from rambling on (c; those same Officers are looking forward to seeing everyone there and bring a friend!

Proposed Channel Plan for GOTAhams

One of our very active members, Chris Argueta KI6AMK has taken the time to formulate and propose a Channel Plan that includes local repeaters and Simplex frequencies for our Radio Club. Here is what Chris has written/proposed:

“I’ve heard it said that GOTAHams is an HF club. That is great. I have also heard it said that we are a club that recruits new people into the hobby.

If these new hams are to succeed in our beloved hobby, then we should be ready with the resources to make this happen.

Before a new ham ever hangs up a dipole to talk on 20 meters, he or she will program a dual band handheld.

But what will they program into their handheld?

I humbly submit the following…”

First, Thank You Chris for being a driving force in this Club! And, as far as what you have “heard it said” about GOTAhams. Yes we do focus on HF operations during our Field Ops but we certainly do not consider ourselves an “HF club”. We have many technician level members and members that do focus on Repeaters, Linking, Digital VHF/UHF work, Remoting etc. GOTAhams also has “Non-Hams”, CERT members and Search and Rescue folks that are interested mostly in Public Service, FRS and GMRS frequencies. We try to assist these people with acquiring the radios, additional equipment and radio programming for those operations. We have done work with the Scouting community to help them acquire merit badges for Communications, Morse Code, JOTA/JOTI, etc. Yep, our catch phrase is “Keeping the Amateur Radio community Radio Active” but we really want to keep everyone that is interested Radio Active. Chris Argueta and many of our members are shining examples of the GOTAhams Mission. I invite anyone to help us in our journey!

See our GOTAhams VHF/UHF Channel plan & programming guide or “Programming my-Radio?” for a permanent link to channel plan download.

Radio in the Park! Saturday August 17th

It is that Time again, GOTAhams monthly outing, “Radio in the Park”!

Our usual Location, San Dimas Canyon park, east end of the parking lot 1628 Sycamore Canyon Rd, San Dimas, CA 91773

we plan on some regular HF SSB work, Some HF digital work and adding some reverse beacon monitoring with PSKreporter.

As usual we will have Snacks and Hydrating fluids. All hams and non-Hams interested in Amateur Radio and/or Emergency Communications are welcome.

GOTAhams in the Park

GOTAhams listed on Palomar-Engineers website

Bob Brehm of Palomar-Engineers adds his past presentations to their website. GOTAhams has it’s place of prestige proudly displayed on that site! check it out @

Speaker Presentations

Check “Tech Support” and click “Speaker Presentations” while you’re there look around at some of their useful and helpful products, do some studying on RFI suppression.

If you want really useful information, download a copy of Kurt Speaks Out, a free book graciously offered to all interested parties by Palomar Engineers.

On Behalf of I would like to Thank Bob Brehm for Presenting some really great information at our August general meeting and helping our members with their RFI (QRN/QRM) problems. We invite Bob to be a Honorary GOTAham and Club Mentor. Thank You Bob for all you do for the Amateur Radio community.

August Guest: Bob Brehm AK6R

Our GOTAhams August meeting, Tuesday August 13 at Casa Jimenez Mexican Restaurant 921 W Foothill Blvd Claremont, CA 91711

Our FIRST live guest is Bob Brehm, Our member/elmer Scott KG6ABF Sent a quick note to remind us of Bob’s visit, Here is his quoted Email:

“Looking forward to seeing and hear Bob AK6R at the next meeting

As many know, Bob is the Chief Engineer at Palomar Engineering and he is very fun to listen to

His presentations at past Ham Conventions are always packed.

Please encourage everyone to make this meeting.


I couldn’t have said it better Scott! and I will add, I have attended Bob’s well attended and at times very crowded presentations at the 2017 Hamcon in Torrance and recently in Yuma. Bob is well spoken, extremely knowledgable, Loves questions and likes to add humor to keep things light. Look Bob up on, it’s a great read!

As I recall Bob also created the not so sought after but reluctantly welcomed “Worked All Neighbors” award! (I have Mine (c; ).

This is truly a NOT TO BE MISSED General meeting, There have been some inquiries and Kathi has been promoting Us (always) so Bring anyone interested in meeting Bob Brehm.

I’m looking forward to not having to bore everyone and I can let Bob do the talking this time. Thanks Scott for getting us a GREAT Guest speaker.

You can RSVP to Kathi @, Please do, so we can let our host restaurant know how many to expect.

National Night Out

August 6th is the Annual “National Night Out”, find the location in your City by doing a simple web search of “(Your City) National Night Out”

You can find a list of California Cities @

in my city it is

Learn more about it @

Myself and Kathi KD6CAF are local Community Emergency Responce Team (CERT) members, previously trained in the City of Los Angeles and use/share our Amateur Radio skills in CERT service. We will be representing Covina CERT at Heritage park (Citrus and Badillo, Covina) along with other CERT members and our local first responders and City Service representatives.

So, Get out, meet your neighbors, local Community first responders and find out what is going on in your City.

If you would like to be of Service to your community consider becoming a CERT team member or at least take tthe free CERT training, You will learn what to do in an emergency, use your Amateur radio skills and maybe help train others in communications?

I am looking forward to hearing from all of the Club members that make it to “National Night Out” and sharing your stories at our next General Meeting on the 13th of August, see Ya’ll there! ’73 Ken KC6WOK

GOTAhams Posts Field Day entries to website

Our secretary Kathi KD6CAF has been working feverishly since Field Day to compile all the logs and bonus point information for submission to the ARRL for our final score. OK yes I know “it’s not a contest” and we seem to revel in the contact not the amount of contacts. Personally I love to see how far we “got out”, who we contacted and most importantly getting new hams and non-hams “On The Air”. as far as distance we did make a Florida contact, many in the Midwest (before their storms hit) Minnesota, Illinois etc., we even did a couple Canadian contacts late Saturday evening. The GOTA station made a Texas contact! I am quite proud of everyone involved in our Field Day and especially Vilma Arlotti for feeding everyone and finding time to “Get On The Air” calling CQ, making some of those 40 meter contacts and impressing her Extra Husband (and our Club Call sign trustee) Great Job Vilma!

Entry received at: 2019-07-13 23:59:44 UTC
Submitted by: Katherine Mixon, KD6CAF E-mail:
Call Used: WG6OTA GOTA Station Call: KM6AHY ARRL/RAC Section: LAX Class: 2A
Participants: 23 Club/Group Name: GOTAHAMS
Power Source(s): Solar
Power Multiplier: 2X
Preliminary Total Score: 1,044
Bonus Points:
Bonus Points Status
100% emergency power 200
Public location 100
Public information table 100 File [Information Table 6 22 2019.jpg] previously
Natural power QSOs completed 100 File [Two Solar Panels on GOTAhome .jpg] previously
Educational activity 100
Youth participation (1 x 20, max of
Safety officer 100 Documented by mark-safetyofficer-6-22-19.jpg
Social media 100
GOTA Station 40
Entry submitted via web 50
Total bonus points 910
Score Summary – File [Dup Sht Digital FT991A
IC7300.PDF] previously uploaded
CW Digital Phone Total
Total QSOs 0 4 59
Total Points 0 8 59 67 Claimed Score = (QSO points x
power mult) = 134
Band/Mode QSO Breakdown:
CW Digital Phone
Band QSOs Pwr(W) QSOs Pwr(W) QSOs Pwr(W)
80m 1 @ 100
40m 18 @ 100
20m 1 @100
6m 1 @ 20
2m 3 20 7 100
GOTA 32 @ 100
Total 0 4 59
GOTA Station: GOTA Coach – Double Bonus Points
Name Call QSOs Bonus Points
James Janssen W6FRQ 20 40
Vic Corella KM6RWB 9 0
James Setterlund (NONE) 1 0
Matt Wang KM6WSY 2 0

I do realize that there is a much publicized opinion that Bonnelli Bluffs (formerly East Shore RV park) has little to no propagation? I also realize that My GOTAhams believe they can get useable propagation out of any site they are assigned. This will certainly serve us well in the event of an emergency where we will HAVE to communicate from the worst of sites. Isn’t this what Amateur Radio is truly about? serving our communities when and where we are needed!

Besides Wouldn’t you rather spend Saturday night overlooking a beautiful Lake with the Los Angeles Skyline in the background? Yeah, that’s what I thought, So did we (c;

Good Luck in Your Field Day entries! ’73 Ken KC6WOK