GOTAhams General meeting Tuesday Nov. 10 7:00 PM

It’s already November!, GOTAhams General Meeting is this coming Tuesday 7:00 PM Again Virtually meeting on Zoom. Please make sure you have your current email on file with the Club (if you’re getting regular GOTAhams communications then it IS current) to receive your Zoom invitation link. Past invitations or our nightly “Zoom Lounge” links will not work for our monthly meeting, Each month has a unique ID.

If you would like to invite a friend or are a guest that would like to get to know us? Simply send an email to our Secretary, Kathi and request an invitation. Please include your name and a call sign (if you have one).

Remember this Meeting will concern Officer elections and upcoming events. Jack KM6UNQ will also present a live operating overview of the FLEX-6400M Signature Series SDR Transceiver.

The GOTAhams executive Board and I are looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces on Tuesday!

’73 Ken KC6WOK

Winter Field Day with GOTAhams Saturday Jan. 25

Join us Saturday January 25th at San Dimas Canyon Park and “Get On The Air” with the GOTAhams. We plan on setting up several HF band stations and will attempt to make as many contacts as we can from 1900 UTC (11:00 AM PDT) until Dusk (park closing). The link above has lots of information including rules, Station locator map and scores from past years.

As always during our outings in the Park, Everyone is welcome, no license is required, we are sure you will learn something and “Get On The Air” Our Secretary always has something for Children to do, from making “Morse Code necklaces to code practice and building electronic circuits with “Snap Circuits”

Also our events are always “Social Events” first that include Radio Communication So come out Socialize and find out how much fun you can have with a transceiver.

We will begin “Set-up” at 9:00 AM, East end of San Dimas Canyon Park 1628 Sycamore Canyon Rd. San Dimas 91773.

Bioenno Power Presentation! Tuesday Sept. 10th @ our GOTAhams Meeting!

Casa Jimenez Mexican Restaurant 921 W Foothill Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711 (909) 625-7632

This Tuesday is definitely a MUST SEE presentation by Bioenno Power, those ultra light batteries and power systems that every Ham wants for their “Go Kit”. We will be hosting Kevin Zanjani KI6DHQ of Bioenno Power to educate us about their batteries, chargers, solar chargers and other devices offered by Bioenno.

I would like to take this opportunity Thank our member Scott KG6ABF for actively pursuing some really great presenters that keep us entertained, educated and keep the Club Officers from rambling on (c; those same Officers are looking forward to seeing everyone there and bring a friend!

Radio in the Park! Saturday August 17th

It is that Time again, GOTAhams monthly outing, “Radio in the Park”!

Our usual Location, San Dimas Canyon park, east end of the parking lot 1628 Sycamore Canyon Rd, San Dimas, CA 91773

we plan on some regular HF SSB work, Some HF digital work and adding some reverse beacon monitoring with PSKreporter.

As usual we will have Snacks and Hydrating fluids. All hams and non-Hams interested in Amateur Radio and/or Emergency Communications are welcome.

GOTAhams in the Park

GOTAhams listed on Palomar-Engineers website

Bob Brehm of Palomar-Engineers adds his past presentations to their website. GOTAhams has it’s place of prestige proudly displayed on that site! check it out @

Speaker Presentations

Check “Tech Support” and click “Speaker Presentations” while you’re there look around at some of their useful and helpful products, do some studying on RFI suppression.

If you want really useful information, download a copy of Kurt Speaks Out, a free book graciously offered to all interested parties by Palomar Engineers.

On Behalf of I would like to Thank Bob Brehm for Presenting some really great information at our August general meeting and helping our members with their RFI (QRN/QRM) problems. We invite Bob to be a Honorary GOTAham and Club Mentor. Thank You Bob for all you do for the Amateur Radio community.

GOTAhams General meeting

Sorry it has taken so long for me to post, Kathi and I were busy with Field Day follow up, and preparing for our post Field Day General meeting, getting Thank You emails to our site visitors etc.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our members, Guests and potential new members for attending the July 9th meeting. it set a new high for attendance of 17, this made our host restaurant very happy.

We covered our Field Day operations and everyone shared their favorite Field Day stories, a few funny, some a little crazy but my favorite was shared by the Sutterland family about how this was such an enjoyable Field Day experience, John S. AC6FJ shared that he had attended past Field Days that were not inviting, and how the GOTAhams all welcomed his Family and had projects to offer his son James, offered them food and refreshments, allowed them to “Get On The Air” and basically treated them not as outside onlookers but embraced them as fellow hams. Personally I was quite touched by that story and extremely proud of what we are building in this fledgling club.

I shared a nice slide show much of which can be seen on our Field Day 2019 page. We also shared things we need to be working on for upcoming events, support of our member Charles KM6CEM that is going to serve at a boy scout event on Catalina Island, the upcoming Scouts JOTA/JOTI, Kathi and I attending Pacficon, Quartzfest 2020, Yuma 2020, Field Day 2020 and the many committees it will take to support all of this. Work never ends when you are a “Radio Active” club but we have a highly active membership always willing to step up not just when it’s the Visible work but all the small background stuff that overwhelms board members.

One of the “small” tasks is designing club QSL card, which had already been in design by two of those highly active members (c; Chis KI6AMK, and Jack KM6UNQ, Thanks guys for stepping up before I even asked (that’s my Goats!).

On a final note, we usually get home late after those parking lot socials (post meeting) and Kathi KD6CAF will sit down at her desk to make some notes and send last minute emails. After her GOTAhams meetings I have noticed that she is still smiling, bright eyed and seems re-energized, Thanks Goats for making Amateur Radio a really fun experience. We both look forward to each time we meet up or receive an email or phone call from any/all of you! ’73 Ken KC6WOK

Thanks for a GREAT Meeting!

I was overwhelmed by the nearly doubling of our numbers this meeting, Very inspirational Thanks GOTAhams!

I would like to personally Thank ALL the GOTAhams and our guests for a really wonderful dinner meeting Last night. So many new faces and many friends with their Wives made for some great personal exchanges and wonderful stories about how Amateur Radio has effected your lives (and your wife’s life?)

I want you all to know, THAT was the most fun Kathi and I have ever had at a Radio Club meeting.

Some of my favorite stories were actually about the bad experiences people have had at license testing sessions. these are things that GOTAhams would like to focus on in an attempt to improve peoples experiences in Ham Radio. We did have a guest (new member?) that suggested a plan to add friendly supportive test sessions to our clubs roster of events. Thank You So much Scott for your input and insight.

I believe the positive energy in last nights meeting should easily carry through to Saturdays “Radio in the Park” where we will do some practical preparations for Field Day and continue on to an exiting, Fun and Friendly Field Day event. I have never been more exited about any Field Day because of the excitement within our GOTAhams Radio Family!

’73 Ken Kc6WOK

GOTAhams Field Day planning

Kathi and I would like to Thank the entire membership of GOTAhams for your participation and invaluable input at last nights Field Day 2019 planning meeting. I have been to many Field day site/operations, but served on only one other planning committee, I’ve done LOTS of research on what other clubs do to plan and what works for other Clubs field days. The amount of interaction, comradery, focus and just plain hard work that we accomplished in a very short 2 hour meeting was inspiring and has Kathi and I energized about our inaugural Field Day. We are looking forward to THIS field Day more than any other we/I have ever attended or been involved in, GOTAhams is certainly going to make this 2019 Field Day their own and set the bar high for our Field Days in the future! Again as always I want to Remind our membership/Family/Friends that will join us to HAVE FUN and enjoy this Event. ’73 Ken KC6WOK

ARRL Affiliation brings Great benefits for GOTAhams

Myself and Kathi received our letter of affiliation from ARRL, it recommends several things I had not been aware of, including coordinating a “charter Party” which would include inviting the Division Director, Section Manager, Affiliated Club Coordinator. Maybe our July meeting could facilitate that along with meeting those Orange Section managers?

They Also gave us a Link for ARRL’s Active-Club-Primer full of Helpful information for active clubs! This gives LOTS of great ideas and includes a “Club Presidents Workbook” and a “Special Service Club Manual”.

I would like all our GOTAhams to consider this “Active Club Primer” required reading, this club IS driven by its members, so please read this primer as if you were president of GOAThams. I believe the ideas from ARRL will help all our “GOTA’s” with their creative and interesting input will keep our little club moving in a positive direction.

Where we are now… and where we are headed!

First and foremost, we do have a sitting “Board”, the basics required by ARRL to be recognized as a “Club” and to satisfy their requirements for Affiliation.

A field day location has been reserved.

We have begun the arduous task of forming our Mission statement, Constitution and by-laws.

We do have a tentative location for general membership meetings.

We do continue to do a monthly field operation “in the park” as we did with our other club, but we will use the “GOTAhams” club call WG6OTA.

We plan to share our general meetings on a streaming service as soon as we put the equipment and infrastructure together.

We do have a multi platform Chat room through “Workplace” allowing text, audio call/conference, video call/conference, screen and file sharing that will facilitate virtual meetings for our board to handle urgent business without having to schedule a physical meeting.

A lot of work has been done with a lot accomplished in a very short time.

At our last count I believe we are at least 10 members strong and growing.

There will be many changes as we grow, being accepting of those changes is key to our growth. keeping our focus on the hobby and helping each other in this journey will make us all better amateur radio enthusiasts and mentors.

The saying goes “lots of hands make for light work”, we are a shining example of that already.

I am very proud of all the work that has been done and would like to humbly thank all of you that have worked toward our goal.

Club President, Ken Mixon KC6WOK

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