Proposed Channel Plan for GOTAhams

One of our very active members, Chris Argueta KI6AMK has taken the time to formulate and propose a Channel Plan that includes local repeaters and Simplex frequencies for our Radio Club. Here is what Chris has written/proposed:

“I’ve heard it said that GOTAHams is an HF club. That is great. I have also heard it said that we are a club that recruits new people into the hobby.

If these new hams are to succeed in our beloved hobby, then we should be ready with the resources to make this happen.

Before a new ham ever hangs up a dipole to talk on 20 meters, he or she will program a dual band handheld.

But what will they program into their handheld?

I humbly submit the following…”

First, Thank You Chris for being a driving force in this Club! And, as far as what you have “heard it said” about GOTAhams. Yes we do focus on HF operations during our Field Ops but we certainly do not consider ourselves an “HF club”. We have many technician level members and members that do focus on Repeaters, Linking, Digital VHF/UHF work, Remoting etc. GOTAhams also has “Non-Hams”, CERT members and Search and Rescue folks that are interested mostly in Public Service, FRS and GMRS frequencies. We try to assist these people with acquiring the radios, additional equipment and radio programming for those operations. We have done work with the Scouting community to help them acquire merit badges for Communications, Morse Code, JOTA/JOTI, etc. Yep, our catch phrase is “Keeping the Amateur Radio community Radio Active” but we really want to keep everyone that is interested Radio Active. Chris Argueta and many of our members are shining examples of the GOTAhams Mission. I invite anyone to help us in our journey!

See our GOTAhams VHF/UHF Channel plan & programming guide or “Programming my-Radio?” for a permanent link to channel plan download.

August Guest: Bob Brehm AK6R

Our GOTAhams August meeting, Tuesday August 13 at Casa Jimenez Mexican Restaurant 921 W Foothill Blvd Claremont, CA 91711

Our FIRST live guest is Bob Brehm, Our member/elmer Scott KG6ABF Sent a quick note to remind us of Bob’s visit, Here is his quoted Email:

“Looking forward to seeing and hear Bob AK6R at the next meeting

As many know, Bob is the Chief Engineer at Palomar Engineering and he is very fun to listen to

His presentations at past Ham Conventions are always packed.

Please encourage everyone to make this meeting.


I couldn’t have said it better Scott! and I will add, I have attended Bob’s well attended and at times very crowded presentations at the 2017 Hamcon in Torrance and recently in Yuma. Bob is well spoken, extremely knowledgable, Loves questions and likes to add humor to keep things light. Look Bob up on, it’s a great read!

As I recall Bob also created the not so sought after but reluctantly welcomed “Worked All Neighbors” award! (I have Mine (c; ).

This is truly a NOT TO BE MISSED General meeting, There have been some inquiries and Kathi has been promoting Us (always) so Bring anyone interested in meeting Bob Brehm.

I’m looking forward to not having to bore everyone and I can let Bob do the talking this time. Thanks Scott for getting us a GREAT Guest speaker.

You can RSVP to Kathi @, Please do, so we can let our host restaurant know how many to expect.

National Night Out

August 6th is the Annual “National Night Out”, find the location in your City by doing a simple web search of “(Your City) National Night Out”

You can find a list of California Cities @

in my city it is

Learn more about it @

Myself and Kathi KD6CAF are local Community Emergency Responce Team (CERT) members, previously trained in the City of Los Angeles and use/share our Amateur Radio skills in CERT service. We will be representing Covina CERT at Heritage park (Citrus and Badillo, Covina) along with other CERT members and our local first responders and City Service representatives.

So, Get out, meet your neighbors, local Community first responders and find out what is going on in your City.

If you would like to be of Service to your community consider becoming a CERT team member or at least take tthe free CERT training, You will learn what to do in an emergency, use your Amateur radio skills and maybe help train others in communications?

I am looking forward to hearing from all of the Club members that make it to “National Night Out” and sharing your stories at our next General Meeting on the 13th of August, see Ya’ll there! ’73 Ken KC6WOK

ARRL Affiliation brings Great benefits for GOTAhams

Myself and Kathi received our letter of affiliation from ARRL, it recommends several things I had not been aware of, including coordinating a “charter Party” which would include inviting the Division Director, Section Manager, Affiliated Club Coordinator. Maybe our July meeting could facilitate that along with meeting those Orange Section managers?

They Also gave us a Link for ARRL’s Active-Club-Primer full of Helpful information for active clubs! This gives LOTS of great ideas and includes a “Club Presidents Workbook” and a “Special Service Club Manual”.

I would like all our GOTAhams to consider this “Active Club Primer” required reading, this club IS driven by its members, so please read this primer as if you were president of GOAThams. I believe the ideas from ARRL will help all our “GOTA’s” with their creative and interesting input will keep our little club moving in a positive direction.

Dave Casler Mentions GOTAhams

Dave Casler, on his weekly “Ask Dave” live stream read a note I had sent him about the Icom IC-7300. I had included that Kathi and I had formed a new Ham Club and added a link to our website. To my surprise he actually shared our main webpage with his worldwide audience and gave some nice praises about how more clubs should use the “Get On The Air” methods that we focus on! It is worth the time to watch this video and listen to Dave reminisce about his early Ham Club experiences. I have added a link for your convenience below.

YouTube, at about the 58 minute mark
Ask Dave Q&A 27 April 2019

No Radio? lets Get On The Air !

This hobby is about getting on the air! Some of us don’t have the equipment or situation allowing us to buy or build that “Dream Shack”. Don’t let lack of funds, space or antenna challenges keep you from enjoying Amateur Radio.

Using a computer and internet connection you already have (you are reading this!) you can not only listen to most amateur bands, we will show you ways to actually transmit using radios and antenna systems supplied by other gracious Hams and Clubs with a community attitude willing to allow less fortunate Amateurs access to their Gear/Shacks.

Lets begin with listening to the HF and most other bands. In your web browser type, or simply click on the websdr link and spend a few minutes reading about this amazing system. Then start tuning around different frequencies. You don’t have to tune to just the amateur services but try some of the “Shortwave Listener” favorites. This site will give your hours of radio listening worldwide.

Listened long enough? Want to get your feet wet and jump in to an HF conversation, Net etc.? You spent the time studying, learning, memorizing all the Bands, Rules, Theory, Operator practices etc.? You took the test (s)and got that General and maybe the Extra license?

Well this is an amazing site, and yes you will have to do some work to prove you have the privileges to operate on these bands but it is worth the work. Type into your browser

Some of these shared radios are “club only” but may allow you to join, some with dues some without. Others require only that you ask them via the online chat or by email to tune or transmit on their system. You will need to file a copy of your amateur license on the site allowing the “control ops” to verify your privileges. This is also a worldwide system allowing you to transmit or a least listen through distant stations by not even leaving your home. I personally found that best practice operating with this method requires an external microphone. Considering the expense that these very generous hams have gone to making their equipment available, that microphone is a very small price. Even a gamer headset plugged into your computer will improve your transmit quality.

There are other options but these are good examples to try, if you have other suggestions for us to add, use the “Contact” page to submit your suggestions.