New Video Conference APP added

Check the right side of the “menu” , look for “test Meeting” click on it and be redirected to a page describing the meetings that are “planned” Hopefully this App is simple to use and will serve to replace our regular “Face to Face” membership meetings during these very dynamic, confusing and trying times.

Claremont HAM Radio Swap Meet Saturday March 21st

The Monthly Claremont Amateur Radio Swap Meet has turned out to be quite an event for us GOTAhams. We will have a booth set up to promote our club offering free donuts and coffee. We will also have an HF station set up for you to operate or maybe test that new antenna you just purchased at the meet. This is a reoccurring event every third Saturday of the month, except in the month of December. Granite Creek Community Church, 1580 N. Claremont Blvd, Claremont, CA 91711 –  6am – 11am

In light of recent events the GOTAhams will be taking steps during this and other club functions to supply some of the items/tools to limit the spread of “communicable” diseases. We have purchased a portable hand washing station, anti-bacterial soap, disposable towels, sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer and will be changing our food handling methods.

  1. HANDS, Wash them often
  2. ELBOW, Cough into it
  3. FEET, Stay more than 3 ft apart
  4. FACE, Don’t touch it
  5. FEEL sick? Stay home

I would like to point out that the swap meet and most GOTAhams functions are very small groups reducing the likelihood of exposure to communicable illnesses. Each person will need to consider their own willingness to risk exposure.

The way my personal math works for risk is: I live in a state of nearly 40,000,000 people, the last count I saw was about 360 Covid-19 patients, 6 fatal? well that adds up to a risk of .000009 % Hmmm? I really think I can walk around outside!

We lose somewhere around 17 to 25 patients per hour to other influenza’s, I believe that might get a slightly higher consideration, along with the automobile that claims about 110 lives daily in the US? (where are my car keys?)

Another consideration would be, “How many people do I know that travel outside the US?” For me it’s none, for my wife, maybe six? In her case five of those are still in Italy, the other hasn’t traveled for several years. My risk still appears nearly zero.

So, Stop, Focus, turn off and ignore the “IDIOT Screen” and consider YOUR true risks. For those of you that feel healthy, have considered your true risks and enjoy the social aspects of not just the Club but Life, join us at our usual events. In the case that you are not feeling well? Please stay home (as I have done several times) get well and we’ll see you at the next event.

Silent Key

Alison Kemp KG6JSR

It grieves my heart to learn of the passing of Alison Kemp KG6JSR from Hemet, CA this morning of March 7, 2020. Bob and Alison joined us for Quartzfest last year and were excited to hear about us starting the GOTAhams Amateur Radio Club. They both were a key encouragement to me in getting my Technician license in 2016 and elmering me to my Extra. Our club gives its condolences to Bob and his family during this time of loss. Alison will be greatly missed.

Bob and Alison Kemp, Quartzfest AZ, ‘2019

New website “Tricks” and options

Since our move to a new Web Hosting service thanks to Tim Adams N6DLC, we have been adding LOTS of new “Plug-ins” and changing some of the look. hopefully it is getting easier to use.

Mark Arlotti KM6AHY has been adding dates to a new “events” section with a true Calendar style so it is easier to find some of our meeting dates, In the park functions, swap meets to attend etc.

We have added a new “Chatroom” that members frequent during our WG6OTA net Tuesday nights and K6AGF’s Sunday night Net. Sunday, March 1st we had a fun conversation that included Vic Corella KM6RWB that was in Utah visit his daughter and grandchild. Since he couldn’t “check-in” to the Net we kept him updated and got him a courtesy check-in.

We also added a “Forum” section, you can ask questions, share your latest projects, show off your latest purchase or “flee market find”.

We also now have a members section that you can sign in to and we are working on a separate files section that full members will access for Club roster, treasurers reports, Minutes from general and board meetings etc.

ARRL Audio news feed has been added, we are working on adding the ARRL news feed to the Blog. We have added a PDF reader to the newsletter page that allows newsletters to be read directly without downloading to a “off-page” PDF reader.

We do realize there will be mistakes made some functions won’t work as planned and adjustments will need to be made.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Creating an active lively website is a lot of work for a small group but a living, Breathing Site speaks to an Active Lively radio club.

We’ll see Ya’ll on the bands and here on the Website. ’73 Ken KC6WOK