GOTAhams Field Day planning

Kathi and I would like to Thank the entire membership of GOTAhams for your participation and invaluable input at last nights Field Day 2019 planning meeting. I have been to many Field day site/operations, but served on only one other planning committee, I’ve done LOTS of research on what other clubs do to plan and what works for other Clubs field days. The amount of interaction, comradery, focus and just plain hard work that we accomplished in a very short 2 hour meeting was inspiring and has Kathi and I energized about our inaugural Field Day. We are looking forward to THIS field Day more than any other we/I have ever attended or been involved in, GOTAhams is certainly going to make this 2019 Field Day their own and set the bar high for our Field Days in the future! Again as always I want to Remind our membership/Family/Friends that will join us to HAVE FUN and enjoy this Event. ’73 Ken KC6WOK

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