Contest Stations

Amateur Radio’s “Big Gun” Stations

K3LR Multi Multi Station with 9 towers located in Western Pennsylvania

KARS – Kankakee Area Radio Society – W9AZ

W8JI Contest Station

W8JI Station



May be an image of indoor


Part of the KC1XX Phone team
The KC1XX station is located in Hillsborough County, NH at coordinates 42° 43′ 39″ N, 71° 43′ 44″ W, in grid square FN42dr. The QTH is situated on a hilltop ridge with a downward slope towards Europe, and an unobstructed view in all directions.


K5TR Super Station tour

Amateur Radio Station W5WZ

W5WZ running stations in NAQP

N6RO Station 2005 (

The NK7U Contest Station Jay Miller, KK5IM Homepage (

Mostly Vintage, Kit and Military outfitted a must see even if only for a history lesson!