Proposed Channel Plan for GOTAhams

One of our very active members, Chris Argueta KI6AMK has taken the time to formulate and propose a Channel Plan that includes local repeaters and Simplex frequencies for our Radio Club. Here is what Chris has written/proposed:

“I’ve heard it said that GOTAHams is an HF club. That is great. I have also heard it said that we are a club that recruits new people into the hobby.

If these new hams are to succeed in our beloved hobby, then we should be ready with the resources to make this happen.

Before a new ham ever hangs up a dipole to talk on 20 meters, he or she will program a dual band handheld.

But what will they program into their handheld?

I humbly submit the following…”

First, Thank You Chris for being a driving force in this Club! And, as far as what you have “heard it said” about GOTAhams. Yes we do focus on HF operations during our Field Ops but we certainly do not consider ourselves an “HF club”. We have many technician level members and members that do focus on Repeaters, Linking, Digital VHF/UHF work, Remoting etc. GOTAhams also has “Non-Hams”, CERT members and Search and Rescue folks that are interested mostly in Public Service, FRS and GMRS frequencies. We try to assist these people with acquiring the radios, additional equipment and radio programming for those operations. We have done work with the Scouting community to help them acquire merit badges for Communications, Morse Code, JOTA/JOTI, etc. Yep, our catch phrase is “Keeping the Amateur Radio community Radio Active” but we really want to keep everyone that is interested Radio Active. Chris Argueta and many of our members are shining examples of the GOTAhams Mission. I invite anyone to help us in our journey!

See our GOTAhams VHF/UHF Channel plan & programming guide or “Programming my-Radio?” for a permanent link to channel plan download.

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