Field Day 2020 June 27-28

It’s Official, GOTAhams has reserved, and payed for a beautiful location for our Field Day 2020. It is Bonelli Bluffs RV resort and campground at Bonelli Park/Puddingstone lake. We will be in a different site than we had in 2019. We will be in “B” section spaces 181 and 182. We have a much better view to the east overlooking Bracket Field Airport and more space for our antennas. I’m hoping some of our team captains will have time during the next few months to visit and assess the site.

It is never too soon to start planning! This serves not only for our “Field Day” but in our regular monthly “Field Ops” and any of our Emcomms (emergency preparedness practices).

One of our “Lessons Learned” from the 2019 Field Day is better antenna planning and placement to mitigate intermodulation (overmodulation) between stations/bands.

Mark Arlotti KM6AHY has volunteered as the 2020 Field Day committee chairperson and we have an outline for what should be considered for teams to focus on pre-Field Day. Members should definitely consider being on more than one team and focus on things that YOU are passionate about or would like to learn more about. Consider your physical limitations and work within those limitations i.e. If you have lifting restriction don’t volunteer for antenna construction! etc.

Field Day Committee outline

Field Day Chairperson: Mark Arlotti

This is only an outline, a living document meant to be changed as required to best serve the needs of GOTAhams Field Day operations and committee. Please remember these are the thoughts (ramblings?) of one person that believes input from multiple sources is always a better method so feel free to submit ANY changes you believe will improve or streamline this operation to Mark KM6AHY or any of the Captains and we will update the document as needed.

Positions to be filled by Volunteers:

  • Someone should act as a “Scribe” to keep minutes of any meetings and/or reports from any of the “teams”.
  • Delegate “Captains” for each of the main jobs, some captains my choose multiple tasks and should have co-captains to support them in their tasks.
  • Anything requiring funds will require a request be submitted to the treasurer and his “Steering committee”.
  • Teams should prepare a “Punchlist” for logistics, deployment, teardown and returning of borrowed gear.
  1. Procurement, Site assessment and reservation.
  2. Antenna planning and deployment; may include, masts/supports, guying ropes, stakes, antennas, feed cables and could including grounding equipment.
  3. Station captains for planning and acquisition; may include, transceiver, tuner, clock, logging or digital mode computers, power requirements and lighting options + any required patch/data cables or CW options.  
  4. Power supply planning and deployment; the first option here is always our low voltage distribution system from our GOTAhome. depending on site conditions this might require multiple station power supplies and could require a site inverter type generator. Or extended high voltage (120VAC) cords from the GOTAhome to the stations.
  5. Infrastructure planning, acquisition, deployment; this may include shelters, tables, chairs, siding tarps and bulletin boards.
  6. Guest planning, information and programs; may include, guest brochures, guest book, “what is Ham Radio” video offering, programs for the kids, transmitter hunting? Etc.
  7. Publicity; should include, signage for directing guests to the site, social media posts/blogs, invitations to media and/or political/ARRL officers, signage at the Field Day site. Photography/videography during the event, notetaking (reporting) during and post event.
  8. Hospitality, meals and refreshments; a team is a must, we left an overwhelming task to a single person, lesson learned (we need notes from 2019 about planned Vs. actual consumption)
  9. Youth outreach; very early offerings to scout troops, STEM programs, Home schooling associations, Maker and/or robotics groups and Prepper groups/stores.
  10. Another useful tool would be a GOTAhams/GOTAhome notebook/scrapbook to use as a presentation tool for contacting these other groups, stores, events and show what we do and how useful Amateur radio is.

Thanks in advance for Volunteering or any constructive comments you submit ’73 Ken KC6WOK

After long thought about “Lessons Learned” during our Field Day event, I believe the most important was putting FAR TOO MANY demands on a single person! I am truly Sorry Vilma for our group not stepping up and helping more with all the things we expected, of YOU. Please Accept my humble apology, I really see this as my biggest failure of our 2019 Field Day.

Field Day 2020 I believe should have a completely different plan for feeding the Goats! My thoughts are having members “Host” a meal! Kathi our Secretary would do the same “Foil Wrap” offering Friday evening as she did for 2019.

Someone else could make Saturday breakfast, maybe keep it simple, eggs, hash browns, bacon/sausage and tortillas for Breakfast Burritos?

Another person could serve Lunch, simply sandwich Fixins, and some lunch size chips or Veggy tray?

Saturday evenings meal, I would be willing to make a pot of Chili that could be offered with crackers and leftover sandwich stuff.

Sunday morning again could be Waffles/pancakes with some fruit?

If everyone else can step up and make their own Coffee (GOTAhome does have a Keurig with a selection of K-cups) our Hospitality Officer could enjoy more time at a radio and relaxing, Socializing and working with our younger visitors (away from the “Mess Tent”!)

OK, These are the ramblings of a wandering mind, if anyone has other ideas here please feel free to offer them. I really don’t want any of our members overwhelmed by any of our “Field Ops” We have a helpful group always willing, and as the saying goes “many hands makes for light work” lets live up to that saying which will certainly add to the FUN in our hobby. ’73 Ken KC6WOK

One thought on “Field Day 2020 June 27-28

  1. I agree- since this was our first one we had and have learned a bunch. These suggestions are not only thoughtful but necessary to make the experience of Field Day more enjoyable- I have some notes that I will bring tomorrow-


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