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What is YOUR opinion on FCC reinstating Licensing Fees for Amateurs

I would like to stay open minded on this topic. Personally this hobby has given me so much that I have no issues paying every ten years to renew my "ticket", only $5.00 per year.

Alternatively  worry that Prospective new Licensees would be deterred from getting involved due to the cost associated with getting into a new hobby.

The GOTAhams would like to get your opinions, Concerns, Point of view on this topic.


I would also try to keep an open mind on this topic. However the way it stands, it doesn't seem to have any advantages for the amateur operator for such a sharp increase in fee.  Also I'm concerned that this may lead to more people not finding or thinking it is necessary to get a license at all, as you have mentioned before, how Baofeng radios are so cheap and easily purchased on Amazon, this may cause more interference on our bands, especially in emergencies when most people will need them.

Definition of amateur

1one who engages in a pursuit, study, science, or sport as a pastime rather than as a profession.

Definition of commercial

1a(1)occupied with or engaged in commerce or work intended for commerce
Like Ken, I wouldn't mind paying $5/year for this hobby to help and improve it, but I would like to know:  What reason is there to charge?  And why so much?  And, how is it going to improve the hobby, or bring new blood into the system?  Seems to me it will do the opposite.
Recently, they have ceased to provide a physical license.  That's fine as there is no revenue source from hams to pay for those costs and we can provide our own via the internet.  The infrastructure already exists to manage the ULS and all maintenance would likely be provided by those managing the commercial side which is financed by license fees.  I would like to hear a reasonable need for any, if not a large amount of money.  How does our side of the FCC license structure require capital to offset costs?
I'm open to being educated on this, but at the risk of sounding cynical, I think some government bean counter just discovered an "untapped" source of revenue.
I do think, however, that the vanity system would benefit from a fee structure.  There are many who repeatedly hunt and capture call signs and then casually "trade-up" when something better comes along.  By doing this, individual hams regularly put two, three and even more callsigns in limbo for years so no one else can use them, thereby creating an artificial "shortage" of 1x2 and 2x2 callsigns.  By charging a fee, hams might just be a bit less abusive to the system.
My 2 cents.