ARRL Field Day Basics/Training

Here are some Useful Resources for the Beginning “Contester” Amateur Radio Operator

Safety Should be and IS paramount to all GOTAhams Field Operations. A safety officer will be onsite during Field Day but Safety is EVERYONEs responsibility. Please keep your eyes open, pay close attention, warn folks that are in danger and let the Safety officer, Band Captains, or other responsible party know what you believe needs their attention. Safety Checklists are a “living document” and need adjustments/additions on the fly. This is one example: Field Day Safety Checklist: 10 Safety Tips for Successful Field Day – OnAllBands

We Decided to add a link to N3FJP Logging software we are planning on using for our 2020 Field Day operation. GOTAhams have found it to be very easy to use, grants a generous unlicensed time frame for use, and has a very reasonable Licensing price per “contest module” or as a “Lifetime” full access package.