GOTAhams 2021 Xmas Meeting

GOTAhams meets at Casa Jimenez Restaurant at 921W. Foothill Blvd. Claremont Ca. 91711 is available for our members wanting to meet in-person and dine with others. We have been meeting here Since June 2021 along with several new members and guests, our “Hybrid” adaptation has been a great success! if you are not on our email list simply request an invitation by email with Kathi

To allow time for Socialization and to expedite meal service please come to the Restaurant Early, we recommend arrival about one hour early 6:00PM. Our Hybrid adaption video conference will also begin well before 7:00 allowing our Virtual guests to socialize.

December is GOTAhams Christmas meeting, we try very hard to make this a really fun and entertaining event, less about Radio and club business, more about the holiday, family and general Xmas cheer. Christmas 2020 forced us into a purely “virtual” holiday celebration challenging our club to create an entertaining atmosphere. 2021 presents a slightly different challenge taking lessons learned and applying them to our “hybrid” format. We will attempt to offer a more interactive event by sending out an outline with some creative ideas, a few questions and options to offer us a little holiday humor.