Natures warning?

This Morning at 10:33 AM 6.4 magnitude Ridgecrest earthquake brought us a reminder of exactly why we do our monthly “Field Ops”. Luckily we are part of a very active group of Amateur Radio enthusiasts, Preppers and CERT and medically trained members. I like to consider our GOTAhams team very prepared/trained/experienced for most of what we may be asked to assist. With monthly deployment of our mobile equipment, and being able to quickly respond in a emergency operation serves Us and our equipment well. In the Mobile Home community that Kathi KD6CAF and I live, with our GOTAhome and our experience, we have been included in the emergency response plans and even advised on its development. I am sure we can all improve and we have been planning for improvements to the GOTAhome. Stay Prepared ’73 Ken KC6WOK

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