Solar charging LifePO4 batteries

Lets look at some solar Charging options and suppliers. As with all other things in our portable power market things change very quickly, Specs, Prices, battery and Solar chemistries, even availability. we’ll wade through this swamp and try to figure out what will serve our needs.

120 Watt Foldable Solar Panel for Charging Power Packs + Free Padded Case (BSP-120)

For “Portable Power” in our hobby it has been Bioenno power setting the bar, supplying LifePO4 batteries, portable Solar Panels, charge controllers, chargers and now “Solar Generators”

Bioenno Power 1500 Watt-Hour Renewable Power Pack (BPP-H1500)

Solar Power for Camping, Off Grid RVing, and back-up power for power outages, lots of companies have jumped into this market with some affordable options and with “parks on the air”, clubs doing field Ops, off-roaders “Sota” activations it seems we need more useable power in the field without the burden of carrying and consuming fossil fuels.

A look at portable Solar Panels:

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Some of these will charge batteries or USB devices directly others will require a charge controller, Panel manufacturers will attempt to convince you that their panels require a mfr. specific model, with some information and understanding the few differences you can easily match a controller to your Solar panels.

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