QSL Card sources

QSL card – Wikipedia

What needs to be on those QSL cards? lets look at some examples:

See the source image
Single sided QSL card, remember many hams create a bulletin board for their “Contacts” so an watermark image with info?
See the source image
Back of the card (double sided card)

Looking for places to get that Dream QSL card? whether your want the printed version, virtual option or both, we will try to provide some options here:

QSL Cards – How to Make Your Own

QSL Card Generator (kb6.ee)

RadioQTH – QSL Card Creator

– QSL Card Printing – Affordable Glossy Photo Cards for Amateur Radio Operators

I am sure there are many other options, if you know of any or have a favorite that should be added here please let us know! send an email to kc6wok@gmail.com