Repeater “wish list”

We are busy working to update/upgrade and modify our repeater system to create a more robust, well-tuned, accessible and highly dependable Amateur Radio communications system.

All of this requires specific hardware, specialized tools, time, planning, expertise and of course funding. The team has acquired some of the components many of the tools to create a second “spare/portable” repeater. The arduous task of reverse engineering the wiring system that required a hilltop visit, disassembling the system checking each wire, power supply, relays etc. was completed by Dave K6EV, Chris N6CTA and Ken KC6WOK. Our repeater group is still in the process of planning a experimental build of our spare system using lessons learned and what we believe to be “best practice” for the repeater and it’s linking options.

Some of the items we need are either expensive or due to supply chain issues are very difficult to acquire. the following list will likely change, grow or be adjusted.

  1. 100 watt UHF 70cm duplexer, 8 cavity portable.
  2. Raspberry Pi 3B+ or better (several needed, these power our linking “Nodes”)
  3. LifePo4 battery 24 volts (for our backup power system)
  4. 70cm high gain antenna