Internet Based Radio

No Radio? Some Amateur radio operators have challenges involved with equipment, costs, space, antenna installations or just don’t know where to start or what modes/bands they would like to get involved in before investing in new equipment. We will try to offer some links and/or options that are available on-line that may get you started or offer an alternative to a physical ham shack.

There are several “Web Based” listening options for Amateur Radio + other services like Police, Fire, Ambulance, Aircraft etc.

Listing of all WebSDR receivers connected to the Internet at

Another World Wide Web Based SDR organization is

Global requires setting up a free account, provides access to a considerable list of receivers located around the world

Try these Links:



DXzone List of Web SDRs:

A select few SDRs are listed here:

Wideband WebSDR located at University of Twente, The Netherlands

HF WebSDR located at Nantwich Secret Nuclear Bunker, United Kingdom

HF WebSDR located in South East Austria

HF WebSDR located in Melbourne, Australia

HF WebSDR located in Johannesburg, South Africa

HF WebSDR located in Chennai, India

HF, VHF, UHF WebSDR located in Pardinho, SP, Brasil

To really improve your SDR listening experience try the SkyLinux Software at:

Another Option is

Broadcastify is basically a emergency services scanner type service but does include some Amateur Radio repeaters including the infamous Southern California “Bad Boys” repeater @ 147.435.

There are some Linked repeater systems that stream their audio over the internet, the largest in the world being the

The Audio stream has a 20 second delay from the repeater system allowing operators to do transmit/audio self testing of their radios! The WinSystem also hosts a monthly breakfast meeting in Santa Ana CA. and an annual campout (RV park style) each fall typically somewhere in California.

Share YOUR SDR with other hams on the web with OpenWebRx :

Web Based Transmitting? YES!

There is a way to “Get On The Air” without owning a transmitter/transceiver. There are some Generous/Gracious Hams and clubs willing to share their equipment/shacks over the internet to verified Licensed Amateurs that Abide by the stated rules of each station. We’re sure there are more options than what we’ve posted here. If you know of others, please send that information to our “Contact” page.

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