A Thank You to our VP Ken Mixon, KC6WOK

Ken Mixon,
I’m writing this little note to let you know about an awesome guy named Ken if you know him.
The first meeting I went to Gotahams I was hooked, actually I became a sponsor a short time after because I believe this club had a lot of potential. I’ve had my license for almost 60 years now and I have never seen such an individual like Ken, that probably would give you his shirt off his back. He is a very kind humanitarian. He has helped me so much on my trailer and my tower and recently with a digital controller that I really knew nothing about.
If it’s not fixable at the time he will figure it out anyway . His experience and expertise is a great asset to this club. He has gone through a lot of challenges and he keeps hanging in there. Also, he is trying to save another club that’s been around for over 90 years. And that’s a project in itself.
Let’s don’t forget about his wonderful other half Kathi. She is a very big inspiration to the Gotahams club. That is my little say about Ken and I hope you all agree.

George Cox, WB6OEB

2 thoughts on “A Thank You to our VP Ken Mixon, KC6WOK

  1. I totally agree. Im very grateful for Ken and Kathy, as well as to other GOTAHAMS members for always going out of their way to help.

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