April “Virtual” General Meeting on Zoom.us Video Chat Platform

Many of you have Joined us during our nightly Video Chats on Zoom before our nightly nets and have become Comfortable with the system. We will depend on you to support our members that are new to to the Zoom software.

Our Meeting will begin Tuesday April 14th at 7:00 PM, we are asking you to begin early allowing us time to get things in order before the meeting.

The link to our Zoom meeting is URL: https://zoom.us/j/456676167

The required password is: 284402 (this is for security/avoiding Zoom Bombing)

We will be live streaming this Zoom meeting on Facebook Live at “Adventures of GOTAhome group” https://www.facebook.com/groups/747704755629648/

Let your friends and family know about us, They need not be a GOTAhams member or a Licensed Amateur to participate/join or view our meetings, everyone is welcomed.

The GOTAhams are looking forward to seeing all of you Tuesday evening

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