CANCELLED: Radio In The Park Saturday 21st

Due to a resent uptick of Covid-19 cases here in the South Land, many counties are shutting down with new restrictions starting November 20th. As a result we need to cancel our planed Radio In The Park event until further notice.

However, we can still have a little fun at home. Let’s try some Simplex and monitor these frequencies below.

  • Our primary frequency will be 145.600 MHz (Simplex – no offset/no tone needed).  Try this first and be a little patient in case our operator has stepped away from the radio.
  • If, for some unlikely reason, that frequency is unusable, our fallback frequency will be 146.550 MHz (Notice this one is 146, not 145).  But the primary frequency above will probably work and, if it does. that will be the frequency we monitor.
  • As always, we will also monitor the WA6FZH repeater at 446.400 MHz (-5MHz, PL 103.5) – the same repeater we use for our nightly nets.  Feel free to check in here if  you are having trouble with the simplex frequency.

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