Elmering in the Park at Larkin Park Claremont

Our second “Elmering in the Park” event scheduled for May 7 2022 at Larkin Park Claremont.

This Month Dave K6EV will be guiding our members through the process of  building power supply cables for your modern SDR type transceivers  with a four pole Molex style connector (used on IC7300, FT991A etc.) on one end and a Anderson Power pole style connector on the other. Attendees will be introduced to the crimping tools, their Use, best practice soldering techniques and completing the assemblies with heat shrink tubing.

Many of you are familiar with these methods and others will be introduced possibly for the first time.  As always we’ll be socializing, snacking and having a great time, we are looking forward to seeing lots of smiling faces and discussing Amateur Radio!

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