GOTAhams “NET” Tuesday Dec. 31 New Years Eve will be operational

Yes, I know, Vic KM6RWB had to step in and take control (Net Control) last Tuesday when Kathi was a No-Show. In Kathi’s defense she was out doing last minute shopping for Christmas gifts and meals and didn’t quite make it home in time for the Net. I personally was asleep in my recliner (perfect excuse). Vic in true GOTAhams fashion stepped up to his microphone and took on Net Control Duty completely cold but “Like A Boss”! Thanks Vic for being a “Super Goat”.

This Tuesday Jack KM6UNQ has volunteered to take on Net Control Duties, We meet at 7:00 PM Tuesdays on the San Dimas, Johnstone Peak, California, 446.4, WA6FZH Repeater tone 103.5

If you’re out at your New Years Eve party, Carry your HT and listen in, Check in and offer up some third party traffic check ins with your Party guests! all are welcome.

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