Help Support Casa Jimenez Restaurant

Vilma Arlotti has been in contact with the manager at Casa Jimenez Restaurant. They of course cannot allow “dining in” but are open for “Take-Out” orders. Being our meeting location, we would like to support them by using this Take-Out option. Vilma has sent a email to the membership, I have posted the body of that letter and have included the attached menu;

Hi all, 
I hope your week is going well. As mentioned earlier in the week I spoke to Jose from Casa Jimenez to check in with him to see how things are going. He said “they are only allowing us to do orders by phone to do take out”.  I told him I’d help him out by sending an email to our club members to see if you are OK to place an order either Friday or Saturday to help them out. He was super happy and said thank you so much.
They have always been very nice with us in allowing us to come in and order what we’d like and accommodate us in the back room for our monthly GOTAhams meetings. All the other restaurants require us to order a full meal while others even charge a fee to use the room.  Not at Casa Jimenez. So now we pay it forward.
Please find the Menu attached.  You can place your phone orders available for pick-up at 909-625-7632. Happy eating everyone.
Vilma Arlotti, Director of Hospitality GOTAhams

Thank You Vilma for bringing this to our attention and supporting the people that have supported GOTAhams

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