Kathi KD6CAF, Silent Key

At 5:51 PM August 10th, 2022, Katherine Mixon KD6CAF passed away peacefully at home

She is survived by her Husband Ken KC6WOK, Daughter Misti, Son Robert, Grandchildren Dakota, Sullen and Presley.

4 thoughts on “Kathi KD6CAF, Silent Key

  1. I am glad I was able to meet Kathi and enjoy her company for the last couple of years. Her smile and kind heart radiated around the group. Her fondness of the kids that were around will also leave a lasting mark on those that encountered her wonderful persona.

  2. I’m gonna miss her so much. Without her I couldn’t have done the newsletter- Kathi and Ken will always have a special place in my heart. God’s speed my friend and stay strong Ken. – Vic KM6RWB

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