Oops! Having Zoom login issues?

It has been brought to our attention that some members/guests attempting to login to our virtual meetings are experiencing problems. If you are not receiving emails sent by Kathi from kd6caf@gmail.com please check your spam and unwanted folders, if you do find our emails in those areas, in gmail accounts simply click on “not spam” at the top of the email and it should allow further emails to be received in the regular inbox.

GOTAhams works diligently at balancing easy access with security during our Zoom and hybrid meetings. We have experienced “Zoom Bombing” issues in the past forcing us to be more conservative and protective of our zoom links, requiring us to employ waiting rooms. This forces us to be selective of allowing only usernames that are recognizable to the Host and Co-Hosts.

With all that in mind, it is still our goal to allow ANYONE members, guests, all that are interested in this hobby and our club to fully participate in these meetings. Using a Screen name that clearly identifies you (preferably with your Call Sign) is the best way to identify yourself to our hosts. you can do this by clicking on the ‘Participants” that will bring up a side menu, click on your name/account at “more” and changing you “screen Name”. You can also change it on the Zoom.us page by logging in, clicking on “My Account” and editing your name in “My Profile”

If the link you have been sent appears to be broken i.e., doesn’t quickly open into a “Waiting Room”, please Call, Text or email one of the hosts as quickly as possible to resolve the issue, we can easily re-send the link.

Yes, we DO understand there are many other “Virtual Meeting” platforms Webex, MS Teams, google Meet etc. but Zoom.us appears to have become the most ubiquitous and we’ve used it for nearly two years, our folks are comfortable and of course “nobody likes change” (eye roll).

Along with all of the preceding information we have added a page on this site with information on using Zoom.us under About Us, How to Zoom! – GOTAhams

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