Pacificon 2019, We are Here!

Kathi KD6CAF and I are up early to drive to “Pacificon”! We want to get an early check-in and hopefully attend the Friday antenna seminar. We’ve already met a few Hams and got eyes on some interesting fixtures (Antenna Tower) supporting a multiband Beam and two dipoles that will feed their “Special Event” station. I got a nice photo of Kathi standing next to their portable tower trailer.

We wish you could all be here with us, but we will do our best to represent GOTAhams and get some photos with more of our “Honorary” Goats! I will do my best to keep you posted on our adventure! ’73 Ken KC6WOK

One thought on “Pacificon 2019, We are Here!

  1. Great job to you both!!!!
    The two of you folks are phenomenal and I am sure you both will be perfect ambassadors.
    Cheers and 73

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