Quartzpause, Day 4

6:40 pm, PT, Well, that’s it for today. Ken and I are calling it a night. Escaping to our RV’s to get warm. We’ll miss you on the Zoom tonight. See you tomorrow, hopefully the weather will be better. GN all.

5:30 pm PT, Winds are picking up. Current temperature 57°. We are off the air for now.

For an update on antenna setup, see TCARA QuartzFest (QuartPause)2021

11:50 am PT, Things are starting to get wet. Here comes the rain!

11:00 am PT, George Cox WB6OEB makes contact with WG6OTA on 40M

We will be monitoring 7.225 MHz, 40M, LSB and 14.225 MHz, 20M USB at 11:00 am PT.

Day 4 is met with overcast and slight breeze. Solar panels not happy.

Quartzpause, Day 4, is met with overcast and slight breeze

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