SOTA Activation By KK6JM/KJ6EMM

Jose and Emelia are heading to the hills this weekend! Be a SOTA Chaser and listen for them!

Jose sent this note to our president Mark:

Emilia and I are going on our first backpacking trip this weekend and we’re planning on summiting San Jacinto peak on Sunday, May 30th. It’s the peak that towers above Palm Springs. Should be fun, as we’re taking the Ariel Tram up and hiking in from there.

I’ll be posting an alert on the SOTA Watch app today
The peak’s designator is: W6/CT-002
Hoping to summit at around 12:00pm and be on the 2m band: 146.580

Can you post something on the SOTA Page of the GOTA Ham site for us?

Certainly Jose our GOTAhams would love to follow (Chase) you and Emilia this weekend, and Safe Journey!

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