Sunset Ridge Power outage

For all those concerned about the AE6TV repeater being “Down” during the day lately, we have an explanation thanks to Jack KM6UNQ from his K6PIN group that is also effected. There was a notification sent to the customers along the Sunset Ridge from So. Cal. Edison, we’ve looked up that notice and found the following: Critical Maintenance Outage Last Updated: 8:40:41 AM Today Estimated Restoration: 4:00 PM Today Crew is at work, Reason for Outage: Upgrading Equipment Customers Affected: 15 Outage # 800019220, during the recent antenna replacement on the N6USO repeater the group shared the road with an Edison Contractor hauling cable for a “undergrounding” project. This appears to be a “daylight only” project that should not have an effect on our nightly “Net” operations. We just wanted to inform everyone and clear up any confusion about local repeater outages. ’73 Ken KC6WOK

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