Virtual Meetings Weekly

Amid this Covid-19 Emergency and being asked to “stay socially disconnected” and Shelter in place, avoid people etc. the GOTAhams need to make every attempt to stay connected, informed, vigilant and as always Social. Recently we have instituted some new tools and expanded schedules facilitating our “Social Connection” plans.

  1. Nightly radio nets at 8:00 PM on 446.400 PL 103.5 WA6FZH repeater except for Tuesdays, We keep the original schedule of 7:00 PM and add our Virtual General Meeting using our Zoom Video Conferencing App
  2. Video Chat/meeting using the Zoom video conferencing App. Several of us have been practicing with this app nightly and have affectionately coined it “The GOTAhams Lounge” On Tuesday evenings we will be holding our regular membership meetings in lieu of our restaurant meetings. There are pages on this that will help you install the Zoom app. If you don’t have or want the camera you can easily turn it off. it is not a requirement, You will still see the others and they will hear you. Why So many meetings? We have found that this interaction mitigates our feelings of loneliness/isolation and we’ve helped each other with finding supplies etc.
  3. We maintain a public text “chatroom” here on the website that helps us stay connected and has allowed new people to contact us and we have been able to guide them to help with their new radio equipment and invited them to our Zoom video chat.
  4. Plans include using our Zoom app to host a technician licensing class for some of our future hams virtually while maintaining that “Social Distance”

I am looking forward to seeing most of you at our Tuesday “Virtual General Meeting” 7:00 PM on the repeater and on the Zoom App ’73 Ken KC6WOK

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