What GOTAhams are doing as a Club during these trying times

As we get our daily dose of “What you should do now” or Who’s got it now? etc. Now we are being forced to avoid crowds and each other, which is the opposite of why this club was founded, We promote the social aspects, getting together, learning from each other sharing our experiences in the hobby and our daily lives.

When I was already stuck at home convalescing from surgery, I came up with some ideas of how to keep us connected as a club and as radio hobbyists.

First, hold a nightly “Net” on our regular weekly Net meeting repeater to stay “socially” connected, check on the welfare of each other and maintain the “Social distancing that we are being asked to do. Now, each evening at 8:00 PM on 446.400 PLof 103.5 WA6FZH repeater we have been meeting, sharing where to get specific food or supplies, which stores are open special hours for Seniors etc. this has become a popular nightly event, Open to All not just club members. We have met some other local hams that have stumble across an active repeater with a friendly open round-table conversation.

Second, We need a way for our club to have a “General Meeting” while adhering to the latest state rules of 10 or less and of course do it without an actual place to meet! Our Secretary Kathi KD6CAF suggested using the “Zoom” video conferencing App and I found that it affords us a “plug-in” for our GOTAhams website. We started out doing one test after our regular Tuesday night radio Net. The test was very successful and we began a nightly “test” of that platform to give ourselves time to learn how we might use it for our “Virtual” General Meetings.

many of you have seen the posts, joined us on the Net and met us in what has become our nightly “Virtual Lounge”. We will be adding more information, Video links etc. to help get people familiar with these new tools. Plans are to try and have a weekly General Meeting (Virtually) in an attempt to maintain our social connection and keep our plans for future Club events moving forward while we weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

’73 Stay well, stay safe and we’ll see you on the air and on Zoom, Ken KC6WOK

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