VE testing

GOTAhams member Craig Borchard has recently been certified as a Coordinating Volunteer Examiner with W5YI VEC test group, several members have also been certified as VE’s, Plans are to offer VE testing at the Claremont CARS swap meet monthly and at Field Day.

Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC) system – Gateway to the Amateur Radio service. FCC created the VEC system to provide initial licensing examination for prospective new hams and upgrade examination opportunities for those already licensed.

Here we are going to try to clarify the roles of Volunteer Examiners:

VEC’s : How many ham radio Vec’s are there? There are 14 FCC appointed VEC’s, but almost 90% of all ham radio testing is conducted by only two of them, the ARRL-VEC and the W5YI-VEC. Ham testing is widely available in all areas…and in some foreign countries as well.

CVE’s: W5YI-VEC : 1.2 The Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC)


A VE must be 18 years of age or older. (See 97.509(b))
A VE cannot administer an exam to any relative by blood or marriage (See 97.509(d))
VEs and VECs may be reimbursed by examinees for out-of-pocket expenses incurred in preparing, processing, administering, or coordinating an examination for an amateur operator license. ( 97.527)
A VE must be accredited by a VEC. (See 97.509(b))
A VE must never have had an amateur radio station or operator license revoked or suspended. (See 97.509(b)(4))

Volunteer Examiner Manual from W5YI: VE Manual (

Tools available to W5YI Volunteer examiners: W5YI-VEC : Resources for Amateur Radio Licensing

GOTAhams VE’s are registered with the W5YI-VEC, and utilize for their tests, allowing them to use both electronic (computer/tablet) testing that is familiar to candidates that have used or the traditional paper tests. This method also allows our team to register the test results instantly from the test site speeding registrations and expediting the licenses assignment/upgrade process.

GOTAhams VE team so far consists of:

Craig Burchard KM6EIC C-VE Team Leader/coordinator

Kathi Mixon VE KD6CAF Team Secretary

Mark Arlotti KM6AHY VE

Bruce Bolton AG6YS VE

Shaun Luciano K6CT VE

Ken Mixon KC6WOK VE

Sheila Eure KM6KNO VE

Mike Harwick KN6HHW VE

Note to all GOTAhams VE’s: You MUST register with as a Volunteer Examiner and check with Craig KM6EIG to be added to his “Team”.

Once you have registered with and been added to Craigs (GOTAhams) team you will be able to view any/all registered test sessions that are on “Craigs list”.

Remember all Volunteer Examiners MUST familiarize themselves with:

The W5YI-VEC 2018
Volunteer Examiner’s Manual

And to become familiar with the it’s best to open Examtools, scroll to the bottom button titled “VE Documentation” and try to familiarize yourself with Examtools. We plan on offering the Virtual/paper “Hybrid” type test allowing our candidates a highly expedited licensing process.