Zoom.us Cloud Meetings GOTAhams Virtual Lounge

We are going to try and help everyone through setting up the Zoom Video Chat App.

To set up a free account on “Zoom” got to zoom.us on the upper right will ask you to “Sign Up it’s Free”, simply click on that button, it will ask you to put in your “Work Email”. Just use whatever email you entered for club communications (the one Kathi uses to send you all that club “junk email”)

Zoom will send you an email to activate your Zoom account (if you don’t see it check your “Junk” or “Spam” file) click on the email from Zoom titled “please activate your Zoom account”. then click on the button that says “Activate Account” it will take you to a page where you will add your name, create a password, verify that password and click on the “continue” button. Now you get a page allowing you to invite friends through their emails, you can scroll down and click “skip this step”. You are now a member, fully activated and ready to join any Zoom meeting, event, webinar etc. as a free member, if you “host” a session it will limit you to 40 minutes. GOTAhams is a “Pro” member allowing up to 100 users to stay connected for 24 hours as long as WG6OTA is the “Host”. I believe at this point if you try to “start a meeting” Zoom will give you options for installing the “Zoom App” simply follow those directions and you should be ready for our evening Video Chat (GOTAhams Virtual Lounge) at 6:00 PM. You will just log in through the website menu on the far right side.

if asked for a “Meeting I.D.” use 971-407-370
This is the daily Meeting ID for WG6OTA@gmail.com

I do think patience is a virtue while we all learn these new “virtual/Social” tools. if you’re having issues, email, web Chatroom, the WA6FZH repeater and of course the Zoom.us website are all useful tools for help.