Field Day participation without a transceiver

There are several ways in which you can participate in field day without a transceiver or transmitting. the more obvious ones are social media and YouTube. Another is simply use any internet browser to access “” and scroll through to find a North American receiver, select an available band and use the spectrum scope (waterfall) to find activity, during Field Day most activity you find will be field day contacts. make it more interesting try logging stations you hear, see how many you listen to, use the forms we’ve posted to log States, Sections, regions, counties etc. You can use QRZ to look up call signs and learn about Operators and especially Clubs around the country!

Many clubs and some independent stations (especially YouTubers) will be sharing there Field Day experiences “Live”. Look up “YouTube” or “FaceBook” Live and search for “ARRL Field Day live”

Remember to monitor 446.400 pl 103.5, WA6FZH repeater and we will all try to stay in touch.

Personally I am looking forward to the time we can all be together on Field Day, whether it be the January Winter Field day or 2021 Field Day. GOTAhams was founded on the social aspects of the hobby, enjoying friends, family and the Amateur Radio hobby until that time lets assist each other in making the most of “This” Field Day.

’73 KC6WOK