In Memorium

Kenneth John Barto, N2HL (SK)

Our local ham community lost another member this past February 23, 2022, when Kenneth (Ken) John Barto N2HL (SK) of San Dimas passed away.  Born in Union Town Pennsylvania on June 1, 1945

Ken served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam war.   He was a professional accountant and served for many years as the treasurer of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Association. 

Ken was an avid and skilled photographer who had wonderful photos from his time-share on Kauai.  He was an active donor and supporter to the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center and his interest in emergency preparedness involved him as a leader in Amateur Radio integration with the hospital’s resources.

He was an active Field Day participant. He is survived by his wife, Tamara Barto of San Dimas.  Always generous with his time and advice, he will be much missed by our community.

Edward Van Prooijen, W6ABW (SK)

As many of you know, fellow GOTAhams member Edward (Ed) Van Prooijen W6ABW (SK) became a silent key on May 23, 2022. 

Ed was born on March 1st, 1961, in the Netherlands and came to the United States in 1975 with his mother and siblings.  For several years Ed worked for Pinkerton and then transitioned into long haul interstate truck driving, which he did for many years. 

In recent years Ed made his home in La Verne with his brothers and mother and became very active in Amateur Radio.   Ed also greatly enjoyed gardening, particularly vegetables and had a lot of fun pickling some of his produce.  

While many remarked upon Ed’s tremendous height (7 feet), that was as nothing compared to his large personality and great sense of humor.  Ed was a frequent participant in our nightly nets, Field Day and Radio-in-the-Park activities,

Ed continued to develop his ham radio skills and had become active on HF as well as VHF/UHF and became an active antenna experimenter.  Ed is survived by his brothers and mother, and they have generously donated his radio equipment to the club. 

Donald Francis Wade, K6AJE (SK)

GOTAhams are saddened to hear of the passing of long-time local Amateur Radio Operator Donald (Don) Francis Wade, K6AJE (SK) early in 2022. Born on February 26,1926, in Kansas, the family moved to California when Don was 8 years old. 

In his youth, Don was an active Boy Scout. Don was involved in radio for most of his life. He joined the United States Navy during World War II at a very early age and served as a Radioman at U.S. Naval Station Pearl Harbor and on-board the U.S.S. Ormsby APA49.  The U.S.S. Ormsby was an attack transport and participated in combat assaults at Tarawa, Kwajalein, Guam, Peleliu and Leyte, as well as, returning many combat veterans to the U.S. 

After the war, Don became an Amateur Radio Operator originally holding the call K6AJE as early as 1953 and later recovering that call when returning to Chino, California after living out of state for several years.  Don resided in Chino for the past 48 years. He was an avid antenna builder and was active on HF radio until shortly before his passing in May 2022 at the age of 93.   

He enjoyed motorcycles including off-road cycling and was an early member of the American Motorcycle Association.  He was also a skilled woodworker and enjoyed building furniture.  Professionally, Don was a sales professional in the industrial bulk paper business working for major organizations such as Ingram and Potlatch.  Don is survived by his brothers Richard and James Wade, sister Carolyn Young, also,18 nieces and nephews.  He will be missed by his family and by our local Amateur Radio community.

Clinton (Clint) C. Stone, KQ6NJ (SK)

On Sepember 13th, 2020 our local Amateur Radio community lost one of its best and most active long-term contributors and friends. Clinton (Clint) C. Stone (KQ6NJ) contributed in many ways to TCARA and the TCARA sponsored testing sessions, most recently as the trustee for the club station K6AGF. A celebration of life was held at Glenkirk Church in Glendora on October 16th, attended by many local Amateur Radio Operators as well as many other friends and family of Clint. In addition to those who knew Clint well over many years, he’ll be remembered by countless examinees who were greeted by him as they arrived at license testing events and were either congratulated or consoled by him as they left – and were always encouraged. Clint, thank you for all you did for so many of us.

Michael (Mike) Horgan, KN6ENV (SK)

It is with heavy heart that we announce the sudden and unexpected passing of GOTAhams Member Michael Horgan, KN6ENV/SK. As a member, Michael participated in many events including radio in the park, swap meets and club meetings. Mike was greatly enjoying the development of his station.   He was always a joy and inspiration to our club. Michael is survived by his spouse, Sherry.  He will be greatly missed by family and friends.

Kathi Mixon, KD6CAF (SK)

by Ken Mixon, KC6WOK

August 10th 2022, Kathi our club founder and “Mother of GOTAhams” lost her long-fought battle with Primary Biliary Sarosis, a congenital liver disease rendering bile duct system non-functional. Her early prognosis was disheartening giving her only five years. Kathi seriously wanted to see her children graduate high school, vowing to do whatever it took to extend her life. Kathi did have a dream to continue in nursing to move beyond CNA. She did enroll in a college LVN course and through pure determination acquired her license and tried in vain to stay in that career, unfortunately her declining health forced into a less physically stressful career. Kathi did really win at extending her life, watching her daughter graduate with her GED, Having Kathi’s first Grandchild, Dakota followed by her Grandson Sullen.

Post retirement (Yes Kathi did make it to a vested retirement). Kathi and I returned to a hobby (Ham Radio) we began in the early 1990’s but raising a family and careers monopolized our time (the typical story). we looked for a radio club to hopefully help us re-ignite our passion for radio. Kathi not only Joined a local club but offered her talents as Club Secretary. We both believed this was going well but our “Radio in the Park” activities became somewhat of an issue, we were told that we needed to do our activities on their schedule although it was our equipment, vehicles and time with no support or assistance from the Club. Kathi decided to leave that association, bringing much criticism and actual name calling for its leadership. All this just proved to Kathi that she was not taken seriously as a true Amateur Radio hobbyist.

Kathi did miss some of the comradery and friends she enjoyed in that club. sitting at her desk pondering this she asked me “What does it take to start a Radio Club?” I replied that to be ARRL affiliated you need only four members. Kathi answered with “I know four people!” several phone calls later we set a meeting actually with six or seven folks and GOTAhams was born…. well, a radio club, Vic Correla coined the name GOTAhams following the affectionately nicknamed GOTAhome (Kathi and my RV).

The group came up with a simple premise of being open, inviting, helpful to hams – both new and seasoned, young and old, gender friendly, radio-active, etc. The group decided that we were actually a social club that does radio rather than just another radio club.  And we wanted the club to get out there and be active, and DO things.  Many folks responded well to this “New Way”(?) of thinking, began to join our ranks and spread the message. Kathi has been there with her warm heart, wonderful smile magnetic personality doing whatever she could to support anyone who asked. This “Family” of Hams has carried Kathi’s message. I couldn’t be prouder of what we have built. I would like to thank every member of GOTAhams for carrying on and honoring Kathi’s Legacy in the fostering of our hobby through the work of this organization.