GOTAhams is pleased to present these records of papers and presentations given at past club meetings and events.  We are very grateful to each contributor!

Earthquake Risk SoCal – Are You Prepared? – Margaret Vinci – October 10, 2023

Portable Screwdriver Antenna – N6CTA Nov 8, 2022

PL259 Crimp-Solder Installation – K6EV 2022 July 13

VOACAP HF Propagation Prediction – KN6NRQ with K6EV 2022 July 12

Powerpoles and a short HF Radio Power Cable – K6EV 2022 April (this includes 2 documents, Short Power Cable Assembly and Powerpoles)

Simplex Line of Sight with Google Earth – KN6NRQ with K6EV 2022 April 12

Crossband Repeat Presentation by Erik Dlugajczyk KN6NRQ – Jan 11, 2022

Not So Random Wire Lengths (for non resonant end fed antennas) K6EV 2021 September

Remote VE Testing by Shaun Luciano K6CT, 2020 December

Ham Radio Hotspots – A Brief Introduction by Tim Adams N6DLC

Getting started with FT8 by Tim Adams N6DLC – January 1, 2021

Portable Power, Battery Sizing for HF operation. (TWO FILES: Portable Power – How Much Do You Need – K6EV 2020September and Battery Life Simple Summary – K6EV 2020 Sept)