Holiday in the Park – Saturday, December 9th, 10am – 3pm.

2023 Holiday Party/Radio In the Park –  Larkin Park

Join us for our annual club holiday party.  This year it will be outdoors at Larkin Park. Come set up a radio or just hang out with us. The club will be providing a main dish from Casa Jimenez and drinks.  If you want to bring a man dish, side dish, salad, desert, drinks, or anything else it will be appreciated but it is not required.  The club will supply paper plates, napkins, bowls, utensils, and table cloths.  You may want to bring a chair and or tables if you can, there are a few picnic tables and we will bring some tables and chairs.

White Elephant Gift Exchange – Every participant brings a gift (new or old, ham radio or gag) valued at $10-$20 or less and club members present at the event will draw for them. Please WRAP THE GIFTS in paper or a bag.

This year there will be three cash prizes, $50, $100, and $200, given away by drawings.  Members Only and MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN.

If it rains we will postpone to the next week, Dec. 16th. We will post the latest update of the weather and our plans here, on the website, the day before the party. Remember to listen to the WG6OTA repeater on the day of the party and on your way to the park, to hear the latest updates to our party plans.

Andy, KO6CCI – The Get-On-The-Air-Hams (GOTAhams) Youngest Licensed Member

On Sunday, November 19th, 2023 Andy Di Meo of Alhambra California passed  his Technician Class examination at age 6.   Andy received his callsign KO6CCI on the 21st.  Andy’s very supportive Elmer as he prepared for the exam was his Dad, Marco Di Meo KN6SJQ.   Both Andy and Marco are two of the 182 members of the Get-On-The-Air-Hams (GOTAhams) Amateur Radio Club in Southern California and are very active in club events.  The Club is looking forward to hearing Andy as a regular on it’s nightly nets at 7:30 PST on the WG6OTA repeater.  For more information on GOTAhams please contact Dave Wilkie K6EV at K6EV@ARRL.NET or visit the club website at

Join us for our GOTAhams monthly Simplex Net

Wednesday, December 27th, at 6:30PM – 146.580MHz

The Simplex Net will be hosted by Eric, KN6NRQ. As usual we will be on 146.580MHz starting at 6:30pm. A great way to explore the reach of your 2 meter equipment without benefit of repeater, both receiving and transmitting. Bring a pad of paper and record signal reports for all you hear. Eric will collect and collate these.  Use this scale for your reports:

1=Nothing at all heard, not even noise or hiss suggesting a specific signal is present.

2=It was apparent that a signal was present but communication is impossible even with reasonable re-tries.

3=Communication possible with noise and possibly some re-tries to cover drop outs.

4=Good communication though with some noise or other artifacts, but generally solid copy.

5=Solid copy, little or no noise, full or nearly full quieting.

Be patient during silences as there will probably be participants you cannot hear and net control is likely communicating with those stations during silences.