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Important Information

American Radio Relay League

FCC Universal Licensing System (Search)

QRZ (call sign database)

Welcome to Ed’s Radio (AA6ED)

Ham Radio News

Ham Nation Weekly online TV “Ezine”

International Ham Radio News & Opinion

Amateur Radio Newsline

Ham Radio Daily

Hamuniverse Ham Radio News


Radio Propagation Tools

Simplex “Line Of Site” mapping

Solar reports for HF Propagation

Solar repots with Dr Tamitha Skov WX6SWW

PSK reporter (HF digital contact tracker)

Educational sites

HamNation Weekly online TV “Ezine”

Dave Casler information videos/upgrade courses

Amateur Logic and Ham college

Ham Radio Concepts (engaging youtube videos)

W5KUB weekly Amateur Radio Roundtable

Tri-City ACS


Ham Radio equipment/supplies

Ham Radio Outlet

Bioenno Power

Palomar Engineers


KF7P Entrance Panels

Power Works Radio Accessories


MFJ enterprises

DX Engeneering

3rd Planet Solar / KC9ON

Ham Crazy

Signal Stuff

Amateur radio in Space: links/information

A new repeater on the International Space Station (ISS)

The frequencies for the ARISS (International Space Station) are uplink of 145.99 MHz (CTCSS 67 Hz) and a downlink of 437.800 MHz, there are tracking methods linked here and I am using a “APP” on my android phone named “ISS Detector”

A useful method for tracking ISS

ISS news from the ARRL

Amateur radio’s “Super Hams”

Valerie Hotzfeld

Bob Heil

Gordon West WB6NOA

Tim Duffy K3LR

Other “famous” Hams

Fun Ham Radio Videos

Randy K7AGE’s adventures and projects

Goat Hikers? Really? WGØAT

Allen W2AEW

Gary Pearce KN4AQ Ham Radio Now

Jim W6LG

Transmitter Hunting

Homing In Transmitter Hunting in SoCal

Southern California Transmitter Hunters


DX information


The Daily DX

Super Stations (the HF Big Guns)