GOTAhams “In the Park”

“GOTA” is an acronym for Get On The Air, that is what we formed this club to do. We go out, find a location to set up a portable HF radio station and try to make contacts. Those contacts could be “On the Air”, with each other, visitors or a very curious public. Any and all contacts are “Contacts” even on this Website.

Most Radio Clubs have monthly meetings, sitting in a room, listening to Club Officers drone on, and hopefully listening to a presentation that interests the membership. GOTAhams does that but it certainly is NOT what we are about. We try to keep the hobby moving, and promote social activity as a function of “Communicating”.

On the second Saturday of each month we meet in a park, at the local airfield, campground, parking lot or any available location to set up a station and “Communicate”! See our Events Calendar for our next meet up.

These photos are from Saturday, September 21st 2019, @ San Dimas Canyon Park in San Dimas following the Claremont Radio Swap Meet. We set up a Yaesu FT-991A with a diamond VHF/UHF antenna on a paint pole, and a Wolf River Coils portable HF antenna. The other station was a Icom IC-7300 using a G5RV jr. supported by a Camo pole mast. This was a “New Jersey QSO party weekend” so listening was great, George WB6OEB did make a “0 land” contact on the 991A so propagation isn’t as bad as folks are saying (c; Good work George! But it was just as fun to socialize with other hams, talk about what we are doing with our shacks, what homebrew projects are on the bench or maybe just what movies we saw or what the weather is like. It is ALL communicating! Lets just enjoy our Hobby…

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