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Please use the application process below if you are joining the Club for the first time, re-joining after a membership fully expired on March 31st of a given year, if you are adding additional family members or upgrading to a family membership, or if you are reporting changes to basic information including Name, Callsign, Phone Number, Mailing Address, License Class, or ARRL membership status.   For simple renewals of existing memberships, please refer to the Simple Membership Renewal page.

You are not required to have an Amateur Radio License to join the Club.  If you are preparing for one we encourage you to join and participate.  Please review the hold harmless agreement at the bottom of the application before signing the hardcopy form or typing your digital signature. PLEASE print clearly and legibly.  Please complete all required fields.  GOTAhams is a social club, not a 501(c)3. Therefore dues and contributions are NOT tax deductible. 

We summarize three approaches to completing your application and paying membership dues to join the club. Please contact our Club Treasurer if you have problems or questions at

JOIN IN PERSON: Print the PDF application, fill it out and bring it to any GOTAhams event/meeting etc. and turn it into the club treasurer or secretary.  If they are unavailable then present to any GOTAhams officer along with cash or a check for the amount of dues appropriate to the membership level you are selecting (Student $0 if you are under 18 or a Full-Time Student at a High School or College, Individual $20, Family $30, Silver $50, Gold $100, Platinum $250). For Family level and above please list any additional family members to be included in the membership along with callsign, phone, email, license class and ARRL status to be used for each.  (Please bring cash in an envelope with your information on it or in it).  Please be sure to review the ‘hold harmless’ agreement for EACH adult member listed on the application and have each adult member or guardian sign the form on the lines provided.

JOIN BY POSTAL MAIL: Print the PDF application, fill it out per the instructions above, add your check for dues payable GOTAHAMS and MAIL the check and application to:


PO Box 1583

Chino, CA 91708-1583

JOIN ONLINE: This requires TWO steps. 

1) Use the form below to fill out the “Live” online application by filling in each box or selection and press the SUBMIT button.  The form will automatically be emailed to our treasurer. Your typed digital signature on the “LIVE” application form and your payment represent your consent to the terms of the  ‘hold harmless’ agreement for each adult member listed on the application.  Also complete the following step UNLESS you are submitting a zero dollar dues Student membership application (Under 18 or Full-Time Student at High School or College):

2) For other than Student memberships, for the membership level you desire press the oval button below.   Use the Individual Membership ($20) for a single individual. Use the Family Membership ($30) if you have more than one ham in the household who would like to join. You can select the Silver ($50), Gold ($100) or Platinum ($250) buttons if you wish to make an additional contribution towards club operation.  These include all the privileges of Individual or Family memberships.   We do not publicize your added donation levels, your donations are private.   No PayPal account is required – a Debit or Credit card is sufficient.

  • The oval button will place the appropriate dues payment in your ‘shopping cart’. 
  • Then press the PayPal button that appears to complete your transaction. 
  • A Paypal login will appear and you can choose to either log-in to your existing PayPal account or to pay via Debit or Credit Card.  Make the appropriate choice and continue.  Depending on the choice you made you will either log in to your PayPal account or enter your Debit/Credit card info.   PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND CALL SIGN (IF ANY) IN THE “ORDER NOTES” FIELD BEFORE PRESSING THE FINAL “PLACE ORDER” BUTTON SO THAT WE ARE SURE TO CREDIT THE CORRECT MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.  YOU CAN ALSO PLACE YOUR CALL SIGN IN THE “COMPANY NAME” FIELD. 
  • Please ensure that you completely submit the transaction and receive acknowledgement from your chosen payment account type.  

The buttons below offer instant payment options for GOTAhams membership via PayPal. To complete your application you must BOTH pay dues and complete an application form, either the online form below or the PDF form above. Student membership applicants do not need to complete this step as no dues are charged to members under 18 years old or to those over 18 who are full time students at accredited institutions.  Contact us with any questions.

The buttons below offer instant payment options for GOTAhams membership via PayPal. To complete your application you must BOTH pay dues and complete an application form, either the online form below or the PDF form above.
Please tell us what license Class you have achieved

Thanks for your interest in joining

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