Membership Application

options for completing your application are:

IN PERSON: Print the PDF application, fill it out and bring it to any GOTAhams event/meeting etc. and turn it into the club treasurer or, if our treasurer is not present to any GOTAhams officer along with cash or a check for your chosen amount of dues. (Please bring cash in an envelope with your information on it or in it).

BY POSTAL MAIL: Print the PDF application, fill it out, add your check for dues payable GOTAHAMS and MAIL the check and application to:


PO Box 1583

Chino, CA 91708-1583

ONLINE: use the form below to fill out the “Live” online application, on “submit’ it will automatically be emailed to our treasurer.

The buttons below offer instant payment options for GOTAhams membership via PayPal or Venmo
Not required for unlicensed applicants, Licensed members will have their name and call signs included in the member list with QRZ link unless you specifically asked to be excluded.
Please tell us what license Class you have achieved

Thanks for your interest in joining

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