Online Ham Radio License Testing

There are several groups that can provide testing online.  In general they will require you to have the same document preparation and FRN number preparedness described for in person testing.   You will schedule a test session in advance and the testing group will advise  you as to rules.  In general  you should expect that they may require a video camera sources at your site, and perhaps two –  the one in your laptop computer combined with that in your cell phone.   They will expect you to have a clear and relatively uncluttered area that is free from notes and distractions and will probably want you to be alone in the room.  They will ask you to move the cameras around to show you the area.  Once all the preparation is completed  you will begin an exam process that is very similar to taking practice exams during online training.

Because it does require the full attention of at least THREE examiners to administer your personal online session, be considerate and don’t schedule a test until you have a reasonably high confidence that you will pass.  These are ALL volunteers and completely unpaid. Try not to waste their time.

If you studied with and use the W5YI online test service that is linked to it, the visuals on your computer screen during your real exam will seem very familiar to what you have practiced with.